About me

Hi! I’m Sonia. 

Welcome to my little corner of the Internet where I get to share my two biggest passions: travelling & photography. ✈️📸 

I’ve waited for quite a long time for a moment to be able to push those passions forward, and finally in the summer of 2021 my husband and I moved out from Poland and became digital nomads. Until that time we traveled a few times a year – from short weekend city breaks to maximum two-weeks trips. But we soon realise that we were not made to stay in one place and we wanted more. We wanted to wander, explore, get to know different countries, soak in other cultures, and see many beautiful places. 

I like travelling slowly and strive to explore all the very best that each country has to offer. I prefer quality over quantity, I don’t count number of countries I’ve been to. I always do a thorough research of the next place I visit, and almost every time I have too many pins on maps. 📌 But of course I also leave room for unplanned exploring. 🗺️

On my blog you’ll be able to discover the beauty of this world through my eyes, or rather through my camera lens. Here you’ll find useful travel guides, itineraries and recommendations on the great places to stay. Hopefully, I’ll inspire you to explore new places around the world. 😊🌍

Sonia | happylittletraveler

And finally, some fun facts about me: 

  • I’m HUGE Harry Potter fan ⚡
  • most people buy fridge magnets as souvenirs, I buy mascots 🧸
  • I’m minimalist, introvert, optimist and vegetarian 🌱
  • I love spending time hiking in the mountains (although I literally whine every time on the trail and ask myself why I do this again 🤷‍♀️)
  • I love going to the cinema and see movies on a big screen 🍿

Oh, and together with my husband, we also run Crazy Oyster Games studio, where we create mobile games and help other developers via our blog, ebook, and services. 🧩👩‍💻

That’s all for now, see you on the road! ✌️

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Sonia | happylittletraveler