Places Near Benidorm, Spain For One-Day Trips

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During our 8-week stay in the province of Alicante, we lived in Benidorm. It’s one of the most popular holiday resorts in Costa Blanca and no wonder. There are a lot of towns and places near Benidorm for one-day trips so it’s a perfect place for digital nomads to stay for longer and slowly discover the area. Benidorm is called “Manhattan of Spain” and it gained this nickname not without a reason – one look is enough to tell that this city is totally different from most cities in Spain.

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What to see in Benidorm, Spain?
Things to do in Benidorm, Spain

Stay with us if you’re on holiday getting bored of sunbathing or if you’re a digital nomad staying for a little longer in the area looking for great places to visit. In this post, we’ll recommend you a few places near Benidorm perfect for one-day trips, that we did ourselves.

Places near Benidorm for one-day trips


Altea is located about 20km from Benidorm. It’s a peaceful seaside town where it seems as if time has stopped. Altea has something magical in it – narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and stunning beaches with calming sea views come together perfectly. Town is also known as the Cúpula del Mediterráneo which refers to the blue dome of the town’s main church, which even from afar is an iconic image of the town.

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Old Town Streets of Altea, Spanish Pueblo Blanco
Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Altea, Spain


Calpe is located about 25km from Benidorm. Town is most famous for Peñon de Ifach mountain, a mighty rock that dominates the landscape and gives the area a very unique look. Town also stands out for its colorful old town, picturesque sandy beaches, small hidden coves, and… pink flamingos!

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Parque Natural del Peñón de Ifach
Best things to do in Calpe


Finestrat can be divided into two main parts: old town & La Cala beach. The old town is located at the foot of Puig Campana, about 15km from Benidorm center, and La Cala is tightly squeezed between Villajoyosa and Benidorm, 8km from the Finestrat old town. This enchanting small town without a doubt is a hidden gem in the whole Costa Blanca, perfectly prepared for visitors. We can guarantee that you’ll be surprised by its beauty and you’ll start wondering “why isn’t it as popular as other towns in the area?”.

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Finestart - hidden gem on Costa Blanca in Spain
What to see in Finestrat, Spain? Costa Blanca Trips.


Villajoyosa is located about 15km from Benidorm. Town is especially famous for three things: colorful houses, beautiful beaches and chocolate manufactured by Valor. Colorful houses give Villajoyosa a unique vibe and make it one of the most picturesque and colorful towns along the coast. Taking a walk through the maze of narrow, colorful streets and enjoying pretty squares is a must.

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One day in Villajoyosa, complete guide
One day in Villajoyosa, complete guide


Guadalest is located about 25km from Benidorm. This little quaint Spanish village, which sits on top of a high rock at an altitude of about 550m, exists since the Muslim period. Guadalest is full of history, culture, charming buildings, and spectacular views – all together offer an unforgettable atmosphere right from the village doorsteps. The village is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

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Places near Benidorm for one day trips - Guadalest, Spain
Guadalest, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

Puig Campana

Puig Campana, with an altitude of 1,406 meters, is the second-highest peak in the province of Alicante, visible from many places in the area. Mountain is located in the municipality of Finestrat, about 15km from Benidorm. There are three hiking routes available: circular route, circular route + ascent and vertical kilometer. All routes start from the Font del Moli, where you can leave your car.

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Places near Benidorm for one day trips - Hiking Puig Campana in Finestrat
Puig Campana - the second highest hiking route in the province of Alicante


Alicante is located about 45km from Benidorm. As expected, it’s the capital of the province of Alicante, It’s also one of the largest cities in Spain population-wise – takes 11th place with about 337k people living in it. Alicante is a very popular holiday destination, both in summer and winter. And no wonder because it has a lot to offer – from many leisure activities to cultural attractions.

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View over Alicante Spain from Santa Bárbara Castle
Places you can’t miss in Alicante, Spain - Monte Tossal Park

Fonts de l’Algar

Fonts de l’Algar are located about 25km from Benidorm. It’s a very picturesque nature reserve with a walking path among waterfalls, springs and natural pools. The surrounding landscape is the result of the karst process on the limestone. In 2002 Fonts de l’Algar was declared a Protected Water Area.

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Places near Benidorm for one day trips - Fonts de l'Algar waterfalls
Discover spectacular Fonts de l'Algar waterfalls

Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada

Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada is located about 7km from Benidorm center. It’s a perfect place for a long walk in nature. From the entrance, up to the lighthouse, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes. High cliffs, mountains, Mediterranean Sea and coastline views – it’s all here. Path is very easy and well maintained so almost everyone will be able to enjoy this route.

Places near Benidorm for one day trips - Trip to Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada
Places near Benidorm for one day trips - Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada


Polop is located about 12.5km from Benidorm. It’s a small town and you can visit it on the same day as Fonts de l’Algar. Polop is a nice place to stroll around the narrow streets and climb the small hill where the castle used to be. From the very top, you’ll be able to admire stunning views over the mountain range and sea.

Things to do near Benidorm, Spain - Polop
What to see near Benidorm, Spain?

What places near Benidorm will you choose for one-day trips?

Hopefully, Benidorm, nearby towns, and the surrounding area look interesting to you and you will discover its beauty as we did. Share your experience in the comments and if you know other great places near Benidorm let us know as well. Have a great trip!

Places near Benidorm for one-day trips – Map of places

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