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Hello Little Traveler!

Sonia & Wojtek here. Since August 2021 we’re full-time slow travelers and digital nomads. Gathering and later burning our savings on the epic journey of a lifetime wasn’t for us and that’s why we decided to combine working and traveling, and… we really like it! So far we lived in Spain, France, Portugal, and Poland – for several months in each.

You can call us slowmads as slow, and meaningful travel experiences are what we are into. We also consciously choose quality over quantity – we don’t count the number of countries we’ve been to because for us it’s not the essence of traveling. Instead of that we choose to stay for a few weeks in one area to have an opportunity to explore and to know it better. 

Aiguille du Midi Middle station - Plan de l'Aiguille spectacular views over mountains

How did it all start?

The idea of traveling the world was growing on us for quite a bit. We’ve seen others traveling the world in plenty of ways and we wanted to try it ourselves. Our first “go date” was set for 2020 but you know what happened that year. So we were forced to wait a little longer. But finally, in the summer of 2021, we packed our lives, left our comfort zone, and slowly rushed into the unknown.

Until that time we traveled only a few times a year – from short weekend city breaks to maximum two-week trips. Quite soon we realized that we don’t want to see the world in a hurry. We want to wander, explore, get to know different countries, observe and soak in the local culture. All of that at our pace, on our rules, and especially not limited by the number of free days at work or the schedule of organized trips.

How is it going?

Awesome! We really like slow traveling and exploring the world on our own terms. You can check out more in our retrospective posts from season#1 and season#2. Thankfully we’re able to do all of this and we hope that you’ll be able to pull it off too.

That said, we would like to inspire you to explore what our big, beautiful world has to offer. On this website, you’ll find useful travel guides, posts about slow and long-term traveling, as well as about the digital nomad lifestyle. All that is enhanced with travel photography by Sonia, and videos by Wojtek. Oh yeah, we also have a newsletter if you’d like to stick around for longer.

Our different travels in one place

And finally… five random fun facts about each of us!


  1. She is a HUGE Harry Potter fan.
  2. Most people buy fridge magnets as souvenirs, she buys mascots or bracelets.
  3. Her favorite food is Korean food, which of course tastes best while watching k-dramas.
  4. She left her heart somewhere in the UK or France, and have to come back there often to finally find it.
  5. She’s not that easygoing with people, but with her best friends she can be very talkative.

Wojtek (read as Voytech)

  1. Self-claimed, sleeping, binary movie critic – if he falls asleep during the movie it’s not worth watching.
  2. Owned the same amount of German and Japanese cars so Supra MKV would seem like an ideal choice but nah… Practicality and economy wins. At least as of now.
  3. Fan of Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay 1ed but the last session he had was so long ago that he forgot how much he liked it.
  4. He sometimes thinks too much. Even this list needed to be thought over many times.
  5. Many people say that he has an ominous look but in reality it isn’t that bad.

Oh, we also run Crazy Oyster Games studio, where we create mobile games and help other developers via our blog and ebook.

That’s all for now, see you on the road! ✌️

Our First Year Of Living As Digital Nomads
Miradoiro do Cervo in Vila Nova de Cerveira Viewpoint
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This website uses cookies to ensure that you get the best experience. Privacy Policy
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