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Hello, Sonia & Wojtek here! Since 2021 we’re full-time slow travelers and digital nomads. We decided to combine working and traveling, and we really like it! So far we lived in Spain, France, Portugal, and Poland – for several months in each country. 

On our website, we share travel guides focused on areas in which we lived for several weeks, not only single destinations spread all over the world. We also share our tips, data, and know-how driven by our own experiences about digital nomads’ lifestyle, and long-term as well as slow travels.

In addition to written content, we strongly focus on creating visually captivating photos and videos from the places we’ve seen. Actually, that’s why the whole blog started – to have a safe, non-social media-dependent place for sharing photos and stories from our new way of living. We believe that visually beautiful content is super important – it perfectly complements posts and it encourages readers to visit the place even more. 

To read our whole story and more about us please visit the About Us page. 

How can we work together?

We can offer high-quality, well-researched, and long articles with beautiful photography and videos. We’re willing to collaborate with travel-related brands that will fit with our blog’s focus. We’re also open to partnering up with brands that focus on gear or services useful during traveling. 

Few ideas of what we can do together:

  • Destination coverage through press trips/FAM trips – we’ll promote your destination through long SEO-focused blog post, captivating photos/videos, and social media marketing.
  • Products/services reviews (gear, restaurants, hotels, apartments, etc.) – we’ll create a thorough and honest review of your product or service via optimized posts with photos/videos and social media marketing.
  • Interviews – you can talk with us about our digital nomads lifestyle, long-term/slow travel, places we lived, or travel destinations. We speak English and Polish. 
  • Ambassadorship – we can collaborate with you to promote your brand on our blog on a long-term basis. 
  • Photography/Videos – we can create content exclusively for your brand that will showcase your product used in real life during our travels. We can license it or promote it on our channels.

If you have anything else in mind feel free to contact us – we are open to collaborating on interesting projects. 

Important notes

  • We value both your and our time and that’s why we don’t work for free. If you’re interested in our rates – contact us.
  • We only share true and honest content and opinions that our readers can trust. We won’t accept pre-written posts or suggestions on how it should look like. 
  • We won’t promote products or brands that we don’t personally stand by, know, and like or they just don’t correspond with our personal goals and the goals of this blog. So, if we don’t know your products but you would like us to write about them, we’ll need to test them first. 
  • We don’t accept paid link placements. 
  • We work and travel together. Each of us is responsible for different tasks and to create high-quality content that needs to stay this way. If you are a brand or travel agency that is reading this, please take this information into account since we require payment for both of us.

Who is our audience?

Our target audience is people with a combined interest in traveling and digital nomads lifestyle in all stages of their experience with that topic.

Currently (February 2024) Happy Little Traveler site has 18k+ monthly page views.

Our visitors understand English and ~50% are from the USA, UK, and Spain.

~80% of the traffic comes from organic searches on Google.

~70% of the traffic comes from mobile devices.

As for social media, we are most active on Twitter (3100+ followers) and Pinterest (70k+ monthly views). Our most active and engaged social media following is on Twitter.

If you want the latest performance statistics please Contact Us.

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