Real cost of living in Portugal Digital Nomads


Bom dia & olá from a small country that has a lot to offer! Countless beaches and caves in the south, lush green mountainous areas in the north, and charming Portuguese towns and cities at every step… Let's add to all of this many hiking trails, high waves perfect for surfing, delicious pastels de natas, caldo verde soup, vinho verde, Port wine and we’ll get a place where everyone will find something for themselves.


Capital: Lisbon
Official language: Portuguese
Currency: Euro €‎

Fun Facts About Portugal

  • Portugal has had the same defined borders since 1139, which makes it the oldest country in Europe.
  • The oldest operating bookstore in the world, Bertrand Bookstore, is located in Portugal's capital, Lisbon. It operates since 1732!
  • Portugal is the world’s largest cork producer - over half of the world’s cork comes from it.
  • In 2001, Portugal became the first country in the world to decriminalize the consumption of all drugs, including heroin and meth. But it doesn't mean that drugs in Portugal are legal, it just means that a person who possessed drugs under a specific amount will not be prosecuted. Selling drugs is still illegal and leads to imprisonment.
  • The maximum number of years anyone can spend in Portuguese prison is… 25 years. Yes, you've read right. So a multiple murderer - no matter how many homicides committed will not serve more than 25 years. So shocking & terrifying!
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