Things To Do In Girona Old Town, Spain In One Day

Province of Girona

Province of Girona is a captivating Spanish region located in Catalonia in the northeastern corner of Spain with Girona as its capital city. This area offers an enchanting blend of diverse landscapes from mighty mountains to delightful beaches, rich history, vibrant culture, mind-blowing surrealist art, and delicious cuisine. There you’ll find big cities, as well as small and peaceful medieval towns. Girona itself, the crown jewel of the region, is a charming destination perfect for a day trip from Barcelona as well as other places in Catalonia and even the South of France. We are sure that in the Province of Girona, everyone will find something interesting for themselves. 

Best time to visit

Province of Girona has a Mediterranean climate with mild but relatively rainy winters and hot, sunny summers. If you don’t want to experience high temperatures and huge crowds in the cities and on the beaches visit during spring, fall, or winter. If that doesn’t bother you, visit during the high season from June to August.

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