Discover Things to do near Oasys MiniHollywood in Tabernas Desert, Almeria

Province of Almeria

Province of Almeria is a beautiful region located in the south of Spain, on Costa de Almeria, in Andalusia, with Almeria city as its capital. It’s best known for being home to Europe’s only true desert, the Tabernas Desert, on which many Western movies were shot mainly during the 60s and 70s of 21st century. Thanks to many stunning beaches and beautiful sunny weather for most of the year it also became a very popular travel destination. In the Province of Almeria, you’ll also find thousands of greenhouses, thanks to which the area is often called a sea of plastic. Overall, it’s a great destination for those seeking a mix of relaxation, culture, and adventure.

Best time to visit

Province of Almeria has a hot semi-arid climate with hot dry summers and mild winters, with almost no rain during the whole year. If really high temperatures, around 30°C don’t bother you – visit during the high season from June to August. If you prefer quieter times and lower temperatures, around 20°C, choose any month in the lower season. We spent near Almeria the whole of March and experienced 20-25°C which was great for sunbathing, and only one day of little rain.

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