20 Reasons Why To Experience Slow Travel

After years of “fast travels” meaning going on longer holidays only once or twice a year and squeezing as much as was possible into the agenda, we decided to try a totally different approach – we wanted to experience slow travels. 

We completely reorganized our lives and since summer 2021 we can call ourselves slow travelers. For us, it’s a perfect option as we combine working with traveling. From Monday to Friday we work remotely, and during the weekends and free days, we explore the area. 

For us, slow traveling became an amazing way of discovering the world. In this post, we’ll give you 20 reasons why you should also experience slow travel.

20 Reasons Why You Should Experience Slow Travel

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20 Reasons Why You Should Experience Slow Travel

  1. Slow travels can be easily combined with remote work because you have a constant flow of money and there is no need to live off of savings.
  2. You can discover places and work from almost everywhere in the world.
  3. You’ll save money – staying in one place for longer is a great way to reduce various travel costs. For example, accommodation prices are going down the longer you stay; you save on food as you cook at home instead of eating out all the time, etc.
  4. Thanks to staying longer in one place you’ll be able to better understand the local culture, traditions, customs, and daily lifestyle.
  5. You’ll develop yourself as a human and broaden your horizons. You’ll become more open-minded, and simply will grow as a person. 
  6. You’ll see that the world isn’t only black or white but full of colors and flavors. That danger isn’t waiting for you at every corner like the media likes to show. That it is full of different amazing people and it doesn’t really matter from which country, or which culture they are. 
  7. You’ll be able to discover the world not only during a short holiday time once or twice a year, but almost every day, or “in the worst-case” only during the weekends.
  8. You’ll have more time to slowly explore the area, as well as to explore off-the-beaten-track places and destinations.
  9. You’ll see and experience things that will leave a fingerprint on your soul, as slow traveling often leads to deeper, more authentic experiences which can have an important impact on you. 
  10. You’ll have a better work-life balance and won’t burn out so easily – you’ll have vacations every weekend!
  11. You’ll break a routine and “standard” life schemes. 
Reasons Why You Should Give Slow Traveling a chance
Work-life balance – there’s time to work, and time to relax.
Why You Should Experience Slow Travel
  1. There will be no need to spend additional money on a typical vacation as you’re already somewhere nice. 
  2. During 4-6 weeks you’ll spend a very similar amount of money that you would have to pay on average for one-week all-inclusive holidays, and you’ll probably see many more places. 
  3. You’ll learn to get out of your comfort zone as traveling forces you to learn new, useful skills (often in the most unexpected moments).
  4. You will learn to plan, organize, be agile, and adapt to changing conditions.
  5. You’ll become somewhat of an expert on a destination. After living for a few weeks in one place you’ll get to know the area, and will be able to recommend places, trips, restaurants, attractions, etc. to your friends, family, and social media/blog followers.
  6. You’ll support local economies by putting money into the pockets of small local businesses instead of the big players, thanks to buying local products, visiting small local shops, or eating in local restaurants.
  7. You’ll learn to live with less. It’s highly possible that while experiencing slow travels you’ll realize that you don’t need all the things you have at home to lead a happy, fulfilled life.
  8. You’ll be able to avoid crowds thanks to the possibility of traveling in the low season. Visiting various places even in the middle of the week when crowds are thinner is also easier. 
  9. You’ll be more eco-friendly and sustainable. When you choose to stay in one place for a longer period of time you eliminate the emissions associated with flying back and forth between places. And you can choose low-emission means of transport as well.
Benefits of slow traveling, slow travels
Mountains or beaches? Thanks to slow travel you can choose whatever you want!
What is slow traveling? Slow travels 101

Summing up

Uff, that’s all. All the 20 reasons why we think you should experience slow travel. Have we convinced you? Will you give it a try? Or maybe you are already slow traveling and have your own reasons to do it? Share them in the comments below.

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