50+ Best Things To Do In Krakow, Poland [By Poles]

As Poles, we’ve visited Krakow multiple times over the last 20+ years. School trips, city breaks, holidays, business trips, fairs, festivals, visiting friends… We had quite a lot of opportunities to get to know Krakow pretty well. We can’t deny that this is one of the rare places in Poland that we enjoy coming back to. Actually… After Wrocław it’s our second favorite city in the country! It’s a beautiful place filled with rich history, fascinating culture, and mysteries. If you’re into charming old towns, delicious food, and big yet cozy cities with many green spaces, Krakow is a place for you. Let us show you many awesome things to do in Krakow, both well-known tourist attractions and some lesser-known gems. Get ready, as you’ll be spoiled by choice!

Note. We decided to divide this post into a few parts, mostly by areas in Krakow worth exploring. You’ll find sections about things to do in Old Town, Kazimierz, and Podgórze as well as a few words about Krakow mounds and beaches. There will also be a section with great places to visit near Krakow. As we know most people visit the city for 1,2, or 3 days, so at the end of the post we’ll also show you sample sightseeing itineraries for each.

Best Things To Do In Krakow, Poland