Things To Do In La Turbie, France – Village Overlooking Monaco

Welcome to La Turbie, a small French village with a long and rich history. There you’ll have a unique opportunity to go on a fascinating journey back in time thousands of years, immerse into a charming old town, and discover all traces of the Roman Empire’s past and Emperor Augustus’ power. And as befits a village located at a higher altitude – breathtaking views of the surroundings are waiting for you too! Keep reading and discover things to do in La Turbie, France.

Travel tip: you can easily visit La Turbie and nearby Eze during the same-day trip.

Things To Do In La Turbie, French Village Overlooking Monaco
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La Turbie, France FAQ

Where is La Turbie located?

La Turbie is located in the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur region in the Alpes-Maritimes department in Southeastern France. The village sits on a hill at an altitude of 450m a.s.l overlooking Monaco. La Turbie is just a short drive from popular nearby places like Monaco, Eze, Nice, or Menton.

What is La Turbie best known for?

La Turbie is best known for the Trophy of Augustus – a giant monument that dominates the area and is a reminder of the Romans’ past greatness, as well as magnificent panoramic views over Monaco and the French Riviera. La Turbie was also briefly mentioned by Dante in the second part of the famous Divine Comedy, The Purgatory.

Is La Turbie worth visiting?

La Turbie is a nice village full of history which especially will be appreciated by history lovers. But don’t worry if you’re not one of them! We aren’t too, and enjoyed our time in La Turbie. An impressive monument, medieval remains, charming old town streets, a church with shining tiles, and views over the coast await.

Things To Do In La Turbie, France - Explore old town streets and squares
Cute cat looking out the window in La Turbie village

Things to do in La Turbie, France

La Turbie old town streets

La Turbie old town is located at the foot of the Trophy of Augustus and… was partially built with stones taken from it! Behind the original medieval gates, several interesting places are waiting for you – narrow cobblestone streets, quaint stone and pastel-painted houses, arched passageways, cozy squares, a few restaurants… Wherever you turn, you’ll find something interesting. Just take a slow walk and let yourself be carried away by their beauty.

Quiant houses in La Turbie old town streets
Explore La Turbie old town streets
Stone houses in La Turbie old town streets
Stone houses among La Turbie old town streets
Happy Little Traveler admiring La Turbie village
Charming entrantrane to pastel-painted house in La Turbie

Among La Turbie’s old town streets, you’ll find points of interest like original medieval gates, the Church of Saint Michel, Saint-Jean Baptiste Chapel, a sign remembering Via Julia Augusta – an ancient road connecting the Arles with Rome, a sign with Dante’s quote from the Purgatory and an old wash house.

La Turbie Tourist Office is located on Place Detras, just a few steps from one of the old town’s medieval gates and among the village’s cluster of restaurants.

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La Turbie, France - Entrance to worn out building guarded by cat
Sign remembering Via Julia Augusta road in La Turbie

Trophy of Augustus

Trophy of Augustus (fr. Trophée d’Auguste), also known as Trophy of the Alps, was built in 6BC by Emperor Augustus to celebrate his decisive victory over the 45 rebellious Ligurian tribes. Back in those times, they populated the area and obstructed the passage of merchants through the mountains. This situation was unacceptable for the Roman Empire, which engaged with them in a war, which lasted from 25-14 BC. After Augustus’ victory, the Trophy was built at the highest point of the Via Julia Augusta, a road connecting Rome with today’s Arles.

Originally, the Trophy of Augustus was 49 meters high and featured a statue of Augustus at the top. It served no military purpose, it was just an imposing showcase of the power of the Roman Empire. In 1705 by the order of King Louis XIV, it was partially demolished and stones were used as building material. The trophy was partially restored in the 20th century and nowadays stands 36 meters high. At its base, there’s also a recreated inscription with the names of all 45 conquered tribes. Trophy of Augustus is a listed National Monument.

Nowadays the monument is surrounded by a small green area with nice, far-reaching panoramic views of La Turbie, Monaco, and Cote d’Azur. There’s also a small museum on site (included in the ticket price) with a scaled-down model of the original monument and a copy of the statue of Augustus. Without a doubt, the Trophy of Augustus is the pride of La Turbie and one of the architectural wonders of the Alpes-Maritimes.

Entrance costs €7 and is free for children under 18 years old (February 2024). For current prices and opening hours visit website.

Travel tip. If the site is closed or you just don’t want to pay for the entrance but want to admire the nice views, head to the parking lot near the monument. If you want to admire it from a different angle, head to the cemetery behind it.

Trophy of Augustus in La Turbie - View from village streets

Church of Saint Michael

Church of Saint Michael (fr. Église Saint-Michel) is a beautiful Baroque church in La Turbie old town. It was built in the middle 18th century to replace an original village church located on the site of the current cemetery, which became difficult to access after fortifying the village. To its construction used stones from the Trophy of Augustus! It’s been classified as a historical monument since 1938.

From the outside, the Church of Saint Michael is painted in a nicely yellow pastel color and features a square bell tower crowned with a shiny, tiled dome. The interior is quite simple, with many frescoes and paintings, and a richly decorated altar. Entrance is free.

Church of Saint Michael in La Turbie village in France
Interior of Church of Saint Michael in La Turbie France

Dog’s Head viewpoint

For more spectacular views over Monaco, Cote d’Azur, and Italy you can head to Dog’s Head viewpoint (fr. La Tête De Chien). It’s located at 550m a.s.l, about 2km from La Turbie and the trail leading there is fairly easy.

Viewpoints over La Turbie 

If you’re looking for nice views over La Turbie from afar you’ll find them mostly along the road D2564 leading to the village from Eze. You can either drive it by car and stop in places you like, or go on a walk from the village. We’ll leave pins for the two best spots on the map at the end of the post.

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View over Monaco and Cote d'Azur coast from La Turbie village
View over La Turbie village

How to get to La Turbie, France? 

La Turbie is located about 8km from Monaco, 5km from Eze, 15km from Nice or Menton and 40km from Cannes. The most convenient way to get to the village is by car or bus.

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Where to park in La Turbie?

You have a few options here. There are two free parking lots – one near the entrance to Trophy of Augustus, and the second near the Church of Saint Michael. We were never lucky with any of them, they were always full. There are also free spots a bit further, along Av. du Cap-d’Ail road, and there is a paid parking garage in the center.

To La Turbie by bus 

You can quite easily reach La Turbie by bus. For example, a trip from Monaco will take about 15min (€3), 30min from Nice (€3) and 10min from Eze (€3). To learn more about bus connections that might interest you visit website.

To La Turbie by train

Unfortunately, there isn’t a train station in La Turbie. The closest one is located in Monaco, only 8km away. You can easily get there from many nearby places like Nice, Cannes, Menton, or Villefranche-sur-Mer. From there you’ll need to take a bus or taxi to La Turbie. To learn more about train connections that interest you visit or website.

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To La Turbie by taxi

The most expensive option but also available from almost every place you might be on Cote d’Azur. For example, a trip from Nice will take only about 15min (€40-50) and 35min from Villefranche-sur-Mer (€30-40). To learn more about taxi connections that interest you visit website.

Camping La Turbie

If you’re traveling by camper, places like Camping de La Laune or Camping la Giandolla might interest you. They are located near La Turbie.

To La Turbie with an organized tour

If you don’t want to put too much effort into planning, you can always take advantage of the guided tours and let someone else take care of all the details. For a wide selection and well-reviewed tour options be sure to visit GetYourGuide or Viator.

Retro restaurant sign in La Turbie

Things to do in La Turbie, France – Summing up

Rich history, amazing views over the surroundings, and charming old town streets… La Turbie may not be the best or most interesting place on Cote d’Azur but overall it’s a charming and picturesque place to visit. So if you’re into history or just have more time to spend in the area, this French village will be a good choice. We wish you a great time in La Turbie! And remember that you can easily connect your trip with Eze. 

Our video from La Turbie

Our opinion about La Turbie

For us, a visit to La Turbie was a day trip, combined with a visit to Eze, from nearby Cannes where we lived for a few weeks. We visited it two times – the first time in October and the second in January. Both times we were two of just a handful of tourists out there. But also both times the town was full of locals going on with their lives. 

What we liked most about La Turbie was its old town – strolling among the streets and exploring every corner was a pure pleasure! Unfortunately, both times Trophy of Augustus was closed but to be honest entering there wasn’t at the top of our priorities of things to do in La Turbie. But we can’t deny that it looks really impressive! One more thing that we remember fondly is… a large amount of cute cats! 

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Adorable cats of France - La Turbie
Adorable cats of France - cat in La Turbie

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to sleep in La Turbie?

Hôtel Napoléon in La Turbie, France

Hôtel Napoléon

Overlooking the stunning French Riviera, Hôtel Napoléon in La Turbie offers a luxurious stay with panoramic views of the Mediterranean Sea. This refined hotel combines contemporary elegance with a touch of classic charm, providing guests with a tranquil retreat near Monaco. With sophisticated rooms, a chic restaurant, and a terrace showcasing breathtaking vistas, hotel invites visitors to indulge in a sophisticated and picturesque experience on the Côte d'Azur.

Villa Palmire in La Turbie, France

Villa Palmire

Nestled in the charming village of La Turbie, Villa Palmire offers a delightful stay on the French Riviera with its elegant and well-appointed accommodations. Surrounded by lush gardens and overlooking the Mediterranean, this villa provides a serene escape just a short drive from Monaco. Guests can enjoy the jacuzzi, spacious terraces, and tastefully decorated rooms, creating a perfect blend of comfort and Mediterranean sophistication.

Accommodations photos source:

La Turbie, France - Map of places

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Things To Do In La Turbie, France - Village Overlooking Monaco

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