7 Best Things To Do in Torrox Pueblo and Costa, Spain

On Costa del Sol, in very close proximity to popular Nerja, you can find a charming Andalusian hidden gem ā€“ Torrox. Unfortunately, weā€™ve never seen even a single mention of Torrox Costa or Torrox Pueblo in posts like ā€œWhat to see near Malaga in Spainā€, and we found it totally by chance while scanning Google Maps. So chances are quite high that youā€™ve never heard of Torrox too, but now thanks to us you can add one more pin to your maps! Vamos, letā€™s discover all the best things to do in Torrox Pueblo and Torrox Costa.

Fun fact. Word ā€œTorroxā€ comes from Arab, and means ā€œtowerā€.

7 Best Things To Do in Torrox, Spain

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Best Things To Do in Torrox Pueblo and Costa, Spain

Where is Torrox located?

Torrox is a small Spanish town located in Andalusia, in the province of Malaga, on Costa del Sol. It lies on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, and at the foot of the Parque Natural de Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama. Torrox consists of two parts: Torrox Costa and Torrox Pueblo.

Is Torrox worth visiting?

In our opinion ā€“ yes. Torrox is a calm little town where you can catch your breath after visiting bustling places like Nerja or Malaga. It has a lovely old town, as well as beautiful sandy beaches.

What is the average temperature in Torrox, Spain?

Torrox claims to have the best climate in Europe, with an average annual temperature of 18Ā°C! Watch closely, as you can spot ā€œMejor clima de Europaā€ signs in many places in town!

How far is Torrox from the beach?

Torrox Costa, where youā€™ll find stunning sandy beaches, is located only 5 kilometers down the road from Torrox Pueblo.

What day is the market in Torrox, Spain?

Each Monday in Torrox youā€™ll find two markets ā€“ one in Torrox Costa and the other in Torrox Pueblo. At Torrox market, you can buy things like fresh vegetables and fruits, pastries, cheeses, clothes, or household items.

Torrox, Spain - town with the best climate in Europe

A short history of Torrox, Spain

Not much to say about Torrox Costa as mostly fishermen and farmers inhabited it until the tourist boom of the 70s. On the other hand, Torrox Pueblo has a much richer history. Between the 1st and 4th century AD, during Roman times, the town was an important center for the production of garum ā€“ fermented fish sauce ā€“ that was exported to Rome. Between the 4th and 8th centuries, Torrox was occupied by the Visigoths and was known as the ā€˜City of Archesā€™. Later, during Arab times, Torrox was a very important producer of silk which was sent to Malaga and Granada. Catholic Kings reconquered Torrox in 1487.

As mentioned before Torrox consists of two parts: Pueblo and Costa. Letā€™s start with the best things to do in Torrox Pueblo, Spain.

Best Things To Do in Torrox Pueblo, Spain

Torrox Pueblo is the oldest part of the town, located at about 145m a.s.l. Like most of the villages in Andalusia, itā€™s full of narrow streets and whitewashed houses decorated with flowers. So far, in 2022, there arenā€™t too many crowds there, even in the high season, which makes Torrox Pueblo a peaceful place to visit on Costa del Sol, in the province of Malaga.

Best things to see in Torrox Pueblo
Torrox Pueblo - Old Town Streets White houses
Torrox Pueblo - Old Town Streets Decorated with flowers

Plaza ConstituciĆ³n in Torrox Pueblo

Plaza ConstituciĆ³n is the main square in Torrox, full of orange trees, bars, and restaurants. Itā€™s home to buildings like Town Hall, Church of Nuestra SeƱora de la EncarnaciĆ³n, and Palace of La Joya. However, the square stands out with a very unique decoration ā€“ hundreds of colorful umbrellas. Their goal is to provide a shadow and add splendid touches of color to the place.

Iglesia de Nuestra SeƱora de la EncarnaciĆ³n

Iglesia de Nuestra SeƱora de la EncarnaciĆ³n is Torroxā€™s Pueblo main church. It was built in the 16th century on the remains of a Moorish mosque and later enlarged in the 17th century. The earthquake in 1884 damaged the church and as a result, the ā€œnewā€ one was built in a Baroque style.

Plaza ConstitucioĢn in Torrox Pueblo - Town Hall
Plaza ConstitucioĢn in Torrox Pueblo full of colorful umbrellas
Things to see in Torrox Pueblo - Plaza ConstitucioĢn

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Palace of La Joya

The Palace of La Joya is an impressive 19th-century house. It was the residence of the Sevilla-Medina family, a bourgeois family who was exporting wines, raisins, and nuts with their own fleet of ships. Also, King Alphonso XII stayed in the Palace of La Joya in January 1885, when he was visiting the area after the earthquake. Now itā€™s home to Torroxā€™s law courts.

Ermita De San Roque

This hermitage is located a little outside the main part of the Torrox Pueblo, on Plaza de San Roque. It was built in Neo-MudĆŖjar style in the 19th century, on the ruins of an earlier oratory. Itā€™s no longer used for worship.

White houses in Torrox Pueblo, Spain
Torrox Pueblo Old Town Street
Green doors, white house decorated with flowers in Torrox Pueblo, Spain
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Best Things To Do in Torrox Costa, Spain

Only 5 kilometers down the road from Torrox Pueblo, on Costa del Sol, Torrox Costa is located. Torrox Costa has a 9km of coastline with beautiful sandy beaches and coves to explore. Once fishermen used to live here, and currently, itā€™s becoming a popular tourist attraction.

Lighthouse of Torrox Costa

The main attraction in Torrox Costa is the lighthouse from 1864. Itā€™s open to the public and hosts a small museum with Roman archaeological remains. Also, a Roman archaeological site is located nearby.

Best Things To Do in Torrox - Lighthouse of Torrox Costa

Roman Ruins in Torrox Costa

In 1905 the lighthouse keeper discovered the Roman Ruins. He began to dig around the lighthouse and found what once was the Roman city of Caviclum. The archaeological site contains well-preserved Roman baths, a necropolis, and furnaces for the production of garum (which also confirms that Torrox was an important center for fishery production and export).

Torrox Costa Beaches

Along a coastline of 9km, Torrox Costa has a few nice beaches to offer. The most popular are Playa de Torrox, Playa del PeƱoncillo, Playa las Dunas, Playa Calaceite, and Playa de las Lindes. Above the Playa de Torrox thereā€™s also a lovely promenade, Paseo Maritimo de Torrox, stretching for about 2km. There you can enjoy a nice walk, or eat a delicious meal in one of the few restaurants while enjoying beautiful views.

Torrox Costa Beaches - Playa de Torrox

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How to get to Torrox Costa and Pueblo, Spain?

Torrox is located 15km from Nerja, 50km from Malaga, 70km from Benalmadena Pueblo, and 85km from Mijas. The most convenient way to get to Torrox is by car or by taxi.

Where to park in Torrox Pueblo & Torrox Costa?

In Torrox Pueblo we left our car in this parking lot for free. In Torrox Costa we left our car on Avenida Esperanto, where lots of free parking spaces are available.Ā 

Airport near Torrox, Spain

The closest airport to Torrox is located in Malaga, only 60km away. A trip from Malaga Airport will take about 3h by bus (ā‚¬4-15) or 45min by taxi (ā‚¬75-95). To learn more about bus connections that interest you visit rome2rio.com website.

To Torrox by bus

You can get to Torrox by bus, which to be honest isnā€™t your best option as often short trips may take a long time. For example, the journey from Malaga will take about 1.5h (ā‚¬2-9), from Benalmadena 3h15min (ā‚¬4-17) andā€¦ 2.5h from Nerja (ā‚¬7-11) which is located only 15km away. To learn more about bus connections that interest you visit rome2rio.com website.

To Torrox by taxi

Expensive, but a fast way of getting to Torrox. For example, a ride from Nerja will take only about 10min (ā‚¬13-17) and from Malaga 35min (ā‚¬50-65). To learn more about taxi connections that interest you visit rome2rio.com website.

To Torrox, Spain by train

Unfortunately, you canā€™t get to Torrox by train as there is no train station in the town.

Camping near Torrox, Spain

If youā€™re traveling by camper youā€™ll probably be glad to know that there are few camping sites near Torrox, Spain. You can check out MiluCar Camper Area or Camping Cortijo San Miguel.

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat in Torrox, Spain?

Where to sleep in Torrox?

Apartamentos Laguna Beach in Torrox Costa, Spain

Apartamentos Laguna Beach

Apartamentos Laguna Beach is a beachfront apartment complex situated in Torrox, Spain, offering spacious and fully equipped apartments with balconies or terraces overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, a large outdoor pool, and a restaurant serving delicious local and international cuisine. With its prime location, modern amenities, and stunning sea views, this complex provides an ideal base for visitors looking to enjoy the sun, sand, and sea of the Costa del Sol.

Iberostar MaĢlaga Playa in Torrox Costa, Spain

Iberostar Malaga Playa

Iberostar MƔlaga Playa is a luxurious beachfront resort situated in Torrox, Spain, offering elegant rooms and suites with private balconies overlooking the sea, several outdoor pools, a spa, and multiple restaurants serving a variety of culinary delights. With its prime location, high-end facilities, and excellent services, this resort provides a perfect retreat for travelers looking to relax and indulge in the beauty of the Mediterranean coast.

Urban Beach Torrox Costa in Spain

Urban Beach Torrox Costa

Urban Beach Torrox Costa is a modern apartment complex offering stylish and fully equipped apartments with sea views, a rooftop terrace with a swimming pool and a bar, and a fitness center. With its contemporary design and convenient location, this complex provides an excellent option for visitors looking for a comfortable and trendy base to explore the nearby beaches and attractions of the Costa del Sol.

OleĢe Nerja Holiday Rentals in Torrox Costa, Spain

OlƩe Nerja Holiday Rentals

OlƩe Nerja Holiday Rentals is a picturesque resort located in Torrox, Spain, offering beautifully decorated apartments and villas with private gardens or terraces, a large outdoor pool, a fitness center, and a restaurant serving a variety of Mediterranean dishes. With its tranquil surroundings, high-quality amenities, and personalized services, this resort provides a perfect escape for travelers seeking a peaceful and authentic Andalusian experience.

Estudio FARO TORROX in Spain


Estudio FARO TORROX is a cozy apartment offering a comfortable living space with a fully equipped kitchen, a private terrace with stunning sea views, and a shared outdoor pool. With its quiet location and affordable rates, this apartment provides a practical option for visitors seeking a comfortable and convenient base to explore the Costa del Sol.

Accommodations photos source: booking.com

Torrox Pueblo and Costa, Spain - Map of places

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