10 Things To Do In Frigiliana, Spain In One Day

Bienvenido a Frigiliana, a tiny Spanish village that stole our hearts in the blink of an eye. It can boast a typical Mediterranean vibe with a picturesque labyrinth of cobblestoned streets and white-washed houses richly decorated with bright flowers. While there, it’s easy to understand why the Spanish Tourism Board named Frigiliana one of the most beautiful villages in Andalucia – it’s a real beauty! In this post, you won’t find a grand agenda full of things to do in Frigiliana as simply there aren’t many but don’t worry! Believe us saying that wandering through Frigiliana streets is a true joy in itself and it would be a shame to miss it. Get ready and let’s go discover things to do in Frigiliana, Spain in one day. Vamos!

Discover Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful villages in Andalusia
Explore Frigiliana, one of the most beautiful white villages in Andalusia
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Frigiliana, Spain FAQ

Where is Frigiliana located?

Frigiliana is located in Andalucia in the province of Malaga on Costa del Sol. It’s located at 320m a.s.l, squeezed between the Mediterranean Sea and Parque Natural de Sierras de Tejeda, Almijara y Alhama (eng. Sierras of Tejeda, Almijara and Alhama Natural Park). Frigiliana lies 60km from Malaga and only 10km from Nerja, a popular holiday destination.

Is Frigiliana worth visiting?

The answer cannot be different than – YES! Frigiliana is one of the best-preserved white villages in Andalucia with a mesmerizing maze of quaint whitewashed streets and great views over the Costa del Sol. It definitely can’t be missed while in the area.

How long to stay in Frigiliana?

One day is enough to explore Frigiliana and see everything this Andalusian white village has to offer.

What is the prettiest street in Frigiliana?

It’s hard to choose only one! Most of the streets in Frigiliana are super pretty! Ones that you can’t miss include Calle Real, Calle Zacatín, Calle Hernando el Darra, Calle El Garral, and Callejon del Peñon.

Is there a market in Frigiliana?

Yes, Frigiliana market takes place every Thursday between 8AM-2PM at the Plaza de las Tres Culturas in the center of the village. Fruits, vegetables, sweets, clothes, jewelry, art, ceramics, local crafts… it’s all there!

What are the white villages near Frigiliana?

Nerja, Torrox Pueblo and Cómpeta are the closest white villages near Frigiliana.

Frigiliana, the most beautiful village in Andalusia
What to see in Frigiliana Andalusia

Things to do in Frigiliana in one day

Frigiliana Moorish Quarter

Strolling among old town streets, the Moorish Quarter is unquestionably the number one thing to do in Frigiliana village. Due to its excellent state of preservation it was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 2014. While wandering through narrow cobbled streets, passing white houses adorned with pretty bright flowers and colorfully painted doors you can feel as if you have stepped back in time to Moorish times. Also, there are no cars on the streets, only a few scooters, so you can fully enjoy the experience. Isn’t that awesome?!

Also, in the Frigiliana Moorish Quarter, you can spot 12 ceramic plaques. They tell the history behind the Moorish battles that once took place in the area. They are a fun and interesting addition to your exploration!

We suggest visiting Frigiliana early in the morning – chances are high that you’ll have village streets all to yourself.

Best Things To Do In Frigiliana, Spain In One Day
Discover Best Things To Do In Frigiliana, Spain
Things To Do In Frigiliana, Spain
Charming square in Frigiliana Moorish Quarter
Whitewashed house with blue door in Frigiliana Moorish Quarter
Frigiliana Old Town Moorish Quarter

Frigiliana Viewpoints

Thanks to the village’s higher position, at 320m a.s.l, Frigiliana offers great views over the area. There are a few viewpoints around the village, but we recommend visiting one called Panorámica Frigiliana and one on Plaza de las Tres Culturas square. If you want to see the village from afar, head to Mirador de la Carretera de Torrox viewpoint. Great views are guaranteed!

View over Frigiliana white village from Panoramica viewpoint
View over Frigiliana Village and Costa del Sol coast from Frigiliana viewpoint

Church of Saint Anthony of Padua

Church of Saint Anthony of Padua (es. Parroquia de San Antonio de Padua) is another place you’ll come across while exploring the Frigiliana Moorish Quarter. The church, which once was a mosque, dates back to the 17th century. The Church of Saint Anthony is located in Calle Real, opposite Church Square where you can find plenty of restaurants perfect for a short break while exploring Frigiliana and tasting delicious local cuisine.

Santa Fiora Botanical Garden

Just a few steps from Plaza de las Tres Culturas, you can find Santa Fiora Botanical Garden (es. Jardín Botánico Santa Fiora). Since 2010 this small garden has been home to many plants that locals used throughout history. It’s a small and peaceful place perfect for spending a few minutes among nature. From Santa Fiora Botanical Garden you can also enjoy views over the Costa del Sol coast and some of Frigiliana’s old town buildings.

View over whitewashed buildings from Santa Fiora Botanical Garden in Frigiliana
View over the coast from Santa Fiora Botanical Garden in Frigiliana

Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana

Palace of the Counts of Frigiliana (es. Palacio de Los Condes de Frigiliana) is a 16th-century renaissance-style palace, which belonged to the Count and Countess of Frigiliana, the Manrique de Lara family. Nowadays it’s better known as the Sugar Mill (es. El Ingenio) and it’s the last remaining sugar cane honey factory in Europe.

Fuente Vieja in Frigiliana

While walking around the Frigiliana old town at some point you’ll come across the fountain, Fuente Vieja, located on Plaza de la Fuente Vieja square. It dates back to the 17th century and is believed to be the oldest fountain in the village. Around 1640, Don Íñigo Manrique de Lara, fifth Lord of Frigiliana and 1st Count of the village ordered the creation of this fountain. His coat of arms is visible at the top of Fuente Vieja. The fountain supplied everyone in Frigiliana with water, including the animals.

Frigiliana Plaza de la Fuente Vieja square
Fuente Vieja fountain in Frigiliana, Spain

Remains of the Lízar castle

Remains of the Lízar Castle (es. Restos del Castillo de Lizar) are located on a hill, right above the city. The castle was destroyed in 1569 when the Moors were expelled from the area. Currently, there are hardly any remains of it – only a wall of 4 meters long by 2.5 wide is left. Despite this, the remains are protected as they are a part of Spanish Historical Heritage. If you’re looking for great views over the Frigiliana and its surroundings – it’s a perfect place to do that.

Archeological Museum – Casa del Apero

If you’re into museums Casa del Apero may interest you. The museum was opened in 2009 and invites you to take a walk through the history of Frigiliana. Inside you can find 125 items displayed in chronological order, from the Neolithic era up to this day. Entrance to Casa del Apero is free. To check opening hours visit museodefrigiliana.org website.

Frigiliana Three Cultures Festival

Will you be visiting Frigiliana during the last week of August? Then you’ll come across the fascinating Three Cultures Festival during which you’ll learn more about three cultures (Christian, Muslim, and Jewish) through food, music, art, and ancestral traditions. It’s a vibrant and unique celebration of harmony and diversity of cultures that once lived together in this region.

Frigiliana Old Town Moorish Quarter - charming Blue Doors
Frigiliana Moorish Quarter Details Sunny Pot

Places to visit near Frigiliana

If your visit to Frigiliana will be quick, or quicker than you expected, you can consider visiting one of a few places nearby. We recommend combining a trip with Nerja or Torrox Pueblo. Both of them are other very charming Andalusian white villages.

Nerja Spain Old Town Streets
Green door, white house decorated with flowers in Torrox

How to get to Frigiliana, Spain?

Frigiliana is located about 10km from Nerja, 60km from Malaga, and 15km from Torrox Pueblo. The most convenient way to get to Frigiliana is by car or by bus.

Where to park in Frigiliana?

If you’re traveling by car you can leave your car in this paid parking lot located at the entrance to Frigiliana. But you can also park in the free parking spots along the road leading to the village.

Airport near Frigiliana

The closest airport to Frigiliana is located in Malaga about 70km away. From it, you can reach the town by rented car, bus, or taxi. You can check the connections you are interested in on the rome2rio.com website.

To Frigiliana by bus

You can get to Frigiliana by direct bus from some nearby places. For example, a trip from Malaga will take 1h20min (€13-24), 15min from Nerja (€1.2) or 1.5h from Torrox (€13-24). To check bus connections that might interest you visit rome2rio.com website.

To Frigiliana by train

Unfortunately, there’s no train station in Frigiliana. The closest station is located in Malaga from which you can take a bus or taxi to the village.

To Frigiliana by taxi

You can also easily get to Frigiliana by taxi. For example, a trip from Malaga will take 40min (€60-75), 10min from Nerja (€8-11) and 15min from Torrox (€15-19). To check taxi connections that might interest you visit rome2rio.com website.

Camping Frigiliana

If you’re traveling by camper, places like Caravanas y Campers El Mosquín, Villa Del Mar – Camping Nerja or Camping Cortijo San Miguel might interest you. They all are located in close proximity to Frigiliana.

Things To Do In Frigiliana, an Andalusian white village

Things to do in Frigiliana, Spain in one day – Summing up

Hopefully, we’ve inspired you to pay a visit to Frigiliana, a very charming white village in Andalusia. Even if there aren’t many things to do, we can guarantee that you’ll spend a great day there and you’ll feel like you were teleported a few hundred years back. Just lose yourself in the maze of whitewashed streets and absorb the village’s amazing vibe. Enjoy your trip!

Our opinion about Frigiliana

For us, a visit to Frigiliana was a day trip (combined with Nerja) from the Mijas Las Lagunas where we lived for a few weeks. We visited it in early December and back then village streets were very quiet, without hordes of tourists. Frigiliana enchanted us from the first steps and we spent a really lovely few hours there. Slowly strolling among village streets was a pure pleasure. To this day we remember the city very fondly and if we’ll have the opportunity, we’ll come back.

Frigiliana Moorish Quarter Whitewashed house
Frigiliana Moorish Quarter  -Cozy Backyard with blue doors

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat in Frigiliana?

Here are your best, high-rated options in Frigiliana:

Where to sleep in Frigiliana?

Casa Loli in Frigiliana Spain

Casa Loli

Casa Loli is a cozy B&B located in the heart of Frigiliana. The property features charming and individually decorated rooms with private balconies overlooking the picturesque streets of the village. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast and relax on the rooftop terrace with stunning views of the surrounding mountains and sea.

Hospedería El Caravansar in Frigiliana Spain

Hospederia El Caravansar

Hospederia El Caravansar is a charming guesthouse located in the heart of Frigiliana. The property features a traditional Spanish style with a touch of Moorish influence, and offers cozy rooms with modern amenities, including air conditioning and free Wi-Fi. Guests can relax in the rooftop terrace while taking in the stunning views of the mountains and the sea.

Posada Morisca Charming Hotel Boutique in Frigiliana Spain

Posada Morisca Hotel Boutique

Posada Morisca Hotel Boutique is a beautiful and cozy hotel located in the picturesque village of Frigiliana. The hotel features traditional Andalusian architecture and décor, with charming rooms and suites that offer stunning views of the village and the surrounding mountains. Guests can enjoy a peaceful stay in this tranquil setting, relax in the hotel's outdoor pool or Jacuzzi, and savor the delicious local cuisine at the on-site restaurant.

Accommodations photos source: booking.com

Frigiliana, Spain - Map of places

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