8 Places Near Cadiz, Spain For One-Day Trips

Cádiz – a charming and quaint city full of history and spectacular views, located on Costa de la Luz in Andalusia. One of the oldest, and most continuously inhabited cities in Western Europe, first settled by the Phoenicians 3000 years ago. Once, the starting point of Christopher Columbus’s journeys, and now it could be for yours. Cadiz isn’t only a great holiday destination but it’s also a nice place to stay for a longer period of time and slowly discover many amazing places nearby. In this post, we’ll recommend 8 places near Cadiz perfect for one-day trips.

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Best Places Near Cadiz, Spain For One-Day Trips

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8 Places Near Cadiz, Spain For One-Day Trips

Vejer de la Frontera

Vejer de la Frontera is located about 55km from Cádiz. It’s one of the finest and well-preserved examples of pueblo blancos that you can find in Spain. Town sits on a small hill, at the altitude of 200m, and like any typical Andalusian white village, Vejer de la Frontera is full of narrow cobbled streets with whitewashed houses decorated with colorful flowers. Vejer de la Frontera has been named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, by the association of Los Pueblos Más Bonitos de España.

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Best things to do in the province of Cadiz - visit Vejer de la Frontera
Vejer de la Frontera Old Town Streets View From Besame en este rincon
Places Near Cadiz For One-Day Trips - Vejer de la Frontera


Tarifa is located about 100km from Cádiz. It lies right across Morocco, in a place where the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea meet. Thanks to strong, constant winds Tarifa is called the capital of the wind, and hence one of the world’s most popular destinations for water sports, like kitesurfing or windsurfing, where thousands of water sports enthusiasts come every year. Tarifa also boasts a nice old town with whitewashed houses, narrow streets, corners, and squares that have a typical Andalusian vibe.

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Isla de las Palomas in Tarifa - Mar Mediterraneo sign
One-day trip ideas from Cadiz, Spain - Tarifa and Bolonia
Places Near Cadiz For One-Day Trips - Tarifa for practicing kitesurfing


Bolonia is located about 95km from Cadiz and only 23km from the previously mentioned Tarifa, so you can easily visit them in one day. This teeny-tiny village is popular for its spectacular Bolonia Beach, Bolonia Dune, and ruins of the Roman city Baelo Claudia. Bolonia, thanks to its location and beautiful sandy beaches is a perfect place for both watersport and sunbathing lovers.

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Baelo Claudia Ruins In Bolonia in The Province of Cadiz Spain
Bolonia - perfect village for one-day trip from Cadiz, Spain


Gibraltar is located about 115km from Cadiz. It’s a tiny British overseas territory, which covers an area of only 6.8 km². Gibraltarians are British citizens and they have their own red telephone boxes, Royal Mail letter boxes and of course, they eat fish & chips and enjoy a pint in the pub. Gibraltar is a place for you if you fancy the United Kingdom without much rain but with sunshine almost all the time.

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Best things to do in Gibraltar - eat fish & chips
Gibraltar, UK - one-day trip idea from Cadiz, Spain
Best things to do near Cadiz - visit Gibraltar


Estepona is located about 155km from Cádiz. This charming town is a hidden gem in Andalusia, yet not as popular and crowded as other places on the Costa del Sol or Costa de la Luz. In the 60s, so not that long ago, it was a little fishing village and since then it developed into one of the biggest cities in the area. Nonetheless, the old town kept its charm, and strolling along its streets feels like stepping back several dozens of years back.

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Best places to see near Cadiz, Spain - visit Estepona white village
Places Near Cadiz For One-Day Trips - Estepona on Costa del Sol
Best things to do near Cadiz - visit charming Estepona city


Ronda is located about 140km from Cadiz. Like Cadiz, it’s one of the oldest towns in Spain which was first inhabited by the Celts in the 6th century BC, and later by the Romans and Moors, and declared a city in the 1st century AD by Julius Caesar. Ronda is located on higher terrain, at 739 m a.s.l, and offers incredible views of the nearby areas. Town’s main attraction, and the most characteristic part, is The Puente Nuevo bridge which connects the old town with its modern part, and which took the lives of 50 people during its construction. Currently, it’s one of the most visited towns in Andalusia.

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One-day trip ideas from Cadiz - visit Ronda and The Old Town
One-day trip ideas from Cadiz, Spain - visit Ronda and The Puente Nuevo
Best places to see near Cadiz, Spain - visit Ronda white village


Marbella is located about 170km from Cadiz. It’s one of the most popular holiday destinations on Costa del Sol. Marbella is most famous for its vivid nightlife scene with many nightclubs and bars, beautiful sandy beaches, an enchanting old town with a typical Andalusian vibe, delicious food, as well as golf courses, and luxury shopping. In Marbella, everyone will find something for themselves.

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One-day trip ideas from Cadiz- visit Marbella and see Dali sculptures
Best things to do near Cadiz - visit Marbella and Plaza de los Naranjos


Seville is located about 120km from Cádiz. It’s the capital and largest city of Andalusia, and fourth-largest city in Spain. By many considered as the most beautiful city of Andalusia and even the whole of Spain. Thanks to really high temperatures in the summer months it’s often affectionately called the “Frying Pan of Europe”. Spectacular historical buildings, Mudejar architecture, many enchanting old neighborhoods and even giant wooden mushrooms – it’s all in Seville. Also, Seville is a city where famous flamenco dance has been born, and where the tomb of Christopher Columbus lies.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have a chance to discover Seville as we ran out of time, but definitely will come back one day to explore it.

Summary of 8 Places Near Cadiz, Spain For One-Day Trips

We hope you enjoyed the post and discovered new cool places to visit near Cadiz. If you know about other places worth visiting in the province of Cadiz let us know and share it in the comments below. Have a great trip and enjoy places near Cadiz, Spain.

Places Near Cadiz, Spain For One-Day Trips - Map of places

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