Best things to see in Morella, Spain

After visiting Ares del Maestrat, we drove 30 kilometers further to see Morella. Unfortunately we spent too much time exploring the beautiful and well preserved castle and ran out of time for visiting some other important places in town. But at least we have a reason to visit it one more time. In this post I’ll show you what we saw and will point out some other places you shouldn’t miss out, like we did. Let’s go!

Morella Los Pueblos Mas Bonitos de Espana
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If you want to escape to one of the most charming towns in the Community of Valencia, Morella is the place you are looking for. It’s a small medieval town, located in the north of the province Castellón. In 2013 was voted one of the prettiest villages in Spain, and no wonder, because it looks amazing both from a distance and from the inside of the walls.

This wonderfully preserved town is surrounded by medieval stone walls of almost 2.5 km length and an impressive castle on the altitude of over 1000 m above sea level. Morella was declared a Historic/Artistic site in 1963. 


Viewpoint: Mirador Morella

On the road CV-12, 5.5km before the town, you’ll find the Morella viewpoint which will enchant you with beautiful views, like from a postcard. Check its exact location: CLICK

Morella Viewpoint
Morella Castle

Without a doubt the jewel in the crown. Originally it was a 13th century fortress of Islamic architecture and was modified through the ages – Roman, Arabic and Iberian cultures have left their mark here. Its unique and privileged position is unquestionable – from the top you can enjoy a stunning panoramic view of the surrounding areas which without a doubt was incredibly useful for defence in the past.

On June 3rd 1931 it was declared a monument of artistic and historical importance.


  • General ticket: 3,50€ per person
  • Reduced ticket: 2,50€ for people over 65 years old, between 6-16 years old, students under 25 years old, disabled people and Carnet Jove
Morella Castle
Morella Castle Bullring
At the foot of the castle, right after the entrance, an impressive bullring is located.
Morella Castle
View from Morella Castle
Morella Castle
Morella Castle Walls
Morella Castle Governor’s Palace
Governor’s Palace – while visiting the castle don’t miss entering this cave, where Neolithic remains were found.
The walls of Morella

The walls date back to the 14th century. Wall perimeter is 2.5 kilometers long with walls between 10-15 meters high and 2 meters thick. It also has a series of towers along its length.

Morella Walls from viewpoint
Walls seen from the distance. In this picture you can also notice many towers along the walls.
Morella Walls from castle
A closer look at the walls.
The Archpriest’s Church of Santa Maria la Major

The basilica is considered as one of the most beautiful temples in the Mediterranean. It dates back to the 13th century when the building began. It has a beautiful façade composed of two doors – the door of the Apostles and the door of the Virgins. Inside take a look at the choir’s staircase, baroque altar, and the monumental pipe organ which was built in 1720.


  • General: 3€ per person
  • Reduced: 2,50€ for people over 65 years old, between 6 and 16 years old, students under 25 years old, disabled people and Carnet Jove
The Archpriest’s Church of Santa Maria la Major
These two pictures come from the website
The Archpriest’s Church of Santa Maria la Major
Convent of San Francisco

An old convent of Franciscan monks, with a church which dates the 14th century, and remains of the cloister. The convent has several rooms that stand out for the beauty and simplicity of the original Gothic style. In the room of De Profundis a true jewel of the death paintings can be found: The Dance of the Death.

Access to the castle and the Convent of San Francisco is included in the same ticket. Currently (January 2022) it is still closed due to the works being carried out in the cloister.

These two pictures come from the website
Convent of San Francisco Morella 2
The historic centre

Morella is made for strolling and wandering through its narrow streets. It has a well-kept town center full of special places to discover. One of the key points in the historic quarter is Calle Blasco de Alagón.

Morella City Streets
Morella City Streets
Morella City Streets
Morella City Streets
Morella City Streets
Morella Aqueduct

Also known as Aqüeducte de Santa Llúcia. You can find it right below the city walls. It’s a Gothic-style hydraulic infrastructure built in the 14th century.


You can only get to Morella by road. If you aren’t travelling in your own car perhaps the second best option is to rent one. But you can also get there by public bus from Castellón de la Plana. The drive takes about 1.5 h by car and 2 hours by bus.

You can leave the car in this parking, paying 2.5€ for all day.


Hungry? Here are top rated restaurants in Morella to choose from: 

Unfortunately there are not a lot of choices for vegetarians.


There are quite a good choice of various accommodations in Morella, from rural houses, private apartments to hotels. Here’re some of them: 

Now you know what are the best things to see in Morella – hope you’ll have an amazing time there! 🙂


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