One Day In Peñíscola, Spain. What To See?

Peñíscola stole our hearts in a blink of an eye. This little town, with about 8000 habitants, is located on the Costa del Azahar in the province of Castellon. It has a typical Mediterranean vibe and without a doubt is one of the most beautiful, breathtaking towns in the whole of Spain. While visiting Peniscola you can’t miss its old town where you’ll find typical white houses with blue ornaments, cobblestone streets, terraces, and of course the castle. In 2013, Peniscola was named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

So you have one day in Peñíscola, Spain. What to see? What to do? Read on and find out.

One day in Peñíscola – what to see?

One day in Peniscola, Spain. What to see?

Peniscola old town streets

Before you reach the castle you have no choice and have to stroll through the beautiful city streets. Snow-white houses, cobblestone streets, lots of flowers, and beautiful facades – it’s all there.

Peñíscola Spain - Old town white streets
Peñíscola Spain - Old town white streets
Peñíscola Spain - Old town white streets
One day in Peniscola – what to see?
Peñíscola Spain - Old town white streets
Things to do in Peniscola, Spain
Peñíscola Spain - Old town whitewashed streets
Peñíscola Streets
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House of Shells

Casa de las Conchas is one of the most popular symbols of the city – it’s a little, adorable house fully covered in shells. It was built in the 60s by a family that for years worked as tourist guides. They collected a large number of shells, which they used to cover the facade of their house. Beautiful, isn’t it?

Casa de las Conchas, Shell House in Peniscola, Spain

El Bufador

One of the most interesting places in Peñíscola. El Bufador is a natural tunnel formed by waves that connect the city with the sea. It’s a dramatic sight when the sea is rough and the waves are big – the water floods into the cavity before whooshing out with great noise and force. When we were there it was very calm, but just look at this video – that’s rough!

Peniscola El Bufador
This picture comes from the website
Peniscola, Spain - El Bufador

Peniscola Castle

Peniscola Castle, in other words: The Castle of Papa Luna. It’s a 14th-century majestic castle that was built by the Knights Templar on the remains of an Arab fortress, later converted into a papal palace. It stands on an impressive rock that rises 64m above the sea. Once it was the home of Pope Benedict XIII (or rather antipope, known also as Papa Luna).

Prices. General entrance: 5€; Reduced price: 3.50€

One of the most beautiful churches in the town attaches to the walls of the castle – the Church of the Virgin Ermitana. It was built in 1717 and inside you can find the Virgin of Ermitana, the patron of the city.

Peniscola Castle - The Castle of Papa Luna
Things to do in Peniscola - The Castle of Papa Luna
Penniscola Church Castle Plaza Armas
Plaza Armas – square at the foot of the castle
Peñíscola Playa Sur - View over the Castle of Papa Luna
Peñíscola Castle view from the South Beach

Walls and gates

In the 16th century, walls were built in the old city to protect it from attacks by land. Three entrance doors were created in the walls, still preserved until today: the Fosc Portal, the Portal of San Pedro, and the Puerta de Santa María.

Peniscola - Portal of San Pedro
Portal of San Pedro

Gardens of the Peniscola Castle

A small, beautiful garden right next to the castle. It offers stunning views over the coast.

View over Peniscola, Spain from Gardens of the Peniscola Castle

Peñíscola Beaches

Peñíscola is known for its beautiful beaches which offer nice views over the town. The two most popular are Peñíscola South Beach and Peñíscola North Beach.

Peñíscola Spain - South Beach
Peñíscola South Beach
 What to see in Peniscola during one day?
Peñíscola North Beach

Peñíscola Lighthouse

Small lighthouse, about 11 meters high, dating from 1892. The lighthouse signal reaches 56 kilometers and helps local sailors navigate the rocky coast. You can climb up for a great view of the castle and the sea.

Peniscola Lighthouse
Photos source: website
Peniscola Lighthouse

Natural Park of Sierra de Irta

Park is located to the north of the Valencian Community, really close to Peñíscola. Sierra de Irta is one of the last remaining, still unspoiled mountainscapes on the Valencian coastline. On 16 July 2002 it was declared a Natural Park and Marine Reserve. Choose one of the hiking trails and immerse yourself in breathtaking nature. Serra de Irta also offers a rich historical heritage, there you can find for example Arab constructions like the castles of Xivert and Polpis, and the watchtowers of Badum and Ebrí. Other important constructions are the hermitages of Sant Antoni, Santa Llúcia and Sant Benet.

Natural Park of Sierra de Irta
Photos source: website
Natural Park of Sierra de Irta

How to get to Peniscola, Spain?

Peñiscola is located about 50 minutes from Castellon and 90 minutes from Valencia. The easiest way is definitely to travel by car. Also, various companies offer trips from Valencia to Peñiscola. Another possibility is to take the train from Valencia, which will take you to the neighboring town of Benicarló, and from that place you need to continue by bus or taxi.

We left our car in that parking, paid 3.5€ for 3 hours.

Summing up

Now you know what are the best things to see in Peñiscola in just one day. We’re 100% that you’ll have an amazing time in this little, charming town. 🙂

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

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Where to eat in Peñíscola?

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