Via Verde Del Mar – Scenic Route From Benicàssim To Oropesa

The Valencian Community gives a lot of opportunities to discover stunning places, and Via Verde del Mar is definitely one of them. Rough seashore views, blue sea, sharp cliffs, hidden coves, pine woods, watchtowers, and many more… Let’s go on a walk, or bike ride, surrounded by nature and discover Via Verde del Mar – the scenic route from Benicàssim to Oropesa.

Via Verde Del Mar- Scenic route from Benicassim to Oropesa

Via Verde del Mar is a route located between two cities: Benicàssim and Oropesa. It’s about 5.6 km long (one way), and runs along the old train route. The route is suitable for both pedestrians and cyclists. It can also be swum in a kayak, alongside the shore, to see it from a different perspective. Its difficulty is low, which makes Via Verde a fantastic option for outdoor leisure for people of all ages and also for people with reduced mobility.

NOTE. It doesn’t really matter whether you start the route in Benicàssim, or in Oropesa.

Via Verde del Mar - Route Map
Via Verde Del Mar Route Map. Image comes from the website.

Kilometer 0 of the Via Verde is located in Benicàssim, near Voramar Beach. Here you can also find the first viewpoint over the city of Benicàssim (Mirador Els Canons).

Via Verde del Mar - Kilometer 0
Via Verde del Mar - Kilometer 0
Via Verde del Mar - Kilometer 0
Via Verde del Mar - Viewpoint Mirador Els Canons
View over Benicassim from Mirador Els Canons, at kilometer 0.

Whole Via Verde route winds along the coast with many viewpoints and various rest areas. On the route you can find watchtowers (Torre Colomera and Torre de la Cordà), which were used to defend the coast from pirate attacks.

Via Verde del Mar Route
Via Verde del Mar Torre
Via Verde del Mar Torre
Via Verde del Mar Torre
Via Verde del Mar Oropesa View

Also, don’t miss going down to Renega beach – it’s a natural stone beach with a rocky shore, and hidden caves. Beach isn’t visible straight from the route because of the pine tree woods, but when you see a Renega Beach Bar you should take a turn.

Via Verde del Mar Renega Beach
Via Verde del Mar Renega Beach

At the end of the route, at the last kilometer, you’ll reach the 600-meter-long El Bovalar tunnel. After reaching the end of it the first views of Oropesa and its port can be seen. But you can choose another, more picturesque route – right before entering the tunnel, follow the signs and go to a path on the right. A beautiful path is waiting for you there – amazing views over the sea, pine forest, and rosemary scent in the air is waiting for you.

Via Verde del Mar El Bovalar Tunnel
Via Verde del Mar El Bovalar Tunnel
Via Verde del Mar Oropesa Port View
View over Oropesa from tunnel side path.

Some more practical information

  • Try to start early. We began at 9.00 AM in September and there were already lots of people (mostly cyclists and runners). When we were heading back, around 12, most people were just starting and it was getting really crowded.
  • Don’t forget to take water and a hat. It’s an open space with not many places to hide from the sun. Believe me, it’s really hot there.
  • You can take your swimming suit and enjoy a little break on the beach.
Via Verde del Mar Renega

How to get to Via Verde Del Mar starting point?

If you go by car you can leave the car in the parking right at the beginning of the route, HERE. You can also leave the car a little further, in free parking at Benicàssim, which is located HERE. You can also look for parking spaces on the nearby streets.

Public transport will get you there through the Castellón-Oropesa-Castellón bus line.

Where to eat in the Via Verde Del Mar area?

There is only one place available on the route:

But there are lots of options in Oropesa or Benicàssim. Here are some of them:



Via Verde Del Mar - Map of places

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