Travelers Talks: How To Take Care Of Health While Traveling?

Since I was a child, I’ve heard from my grandfather that health is the biggest wealth anybody can have. And now when I’m 30+ I couldn’t agree more. In many ways, health gives us freedom and opens many opportunities. When at home, most of us have an established routine so taking care of health is fairly easy and doesn’t require many sacrifices. But traveling is a completely different story. Especially at the beginning, it scatters that precious routine into small pieces. 

In this Travelers Talks episode, you’ll read stories from travelers who decided to share how they take care of their physical and mental health while traveling. You’ll also read tips they have for you and at the end of the post, you’ll find our take on that topic. Without further ado, let’s dive in and discover how to take care of health while traveling.

How To Take Care Of Health While Traveling? | Travelers Talks Episode 11
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Travelers Talks: How To Take Care Of Health While Traveling?

Some time ago on Twitter and Facebook, we asked our fellow travelers for advice, and here’s what we got in return. 

Steven from The Thorough Tripper | Travelers Talks ep11

Steven from The Thorough Tripper

Website | Twitter | Facebook

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

My name is Steven Jepson. I’m a retired physician and travel blogger from Salt Lake City Utah. My travel style has evolved since my retirement two years ago into a modified version of slow travel. My wife and I travel internationally about 5 months per year and try to spend as much time in each place as makes sense – given the locale. Sometimes a week, sometimes two months. My mantra is Thorough, Practical, Experiential Travel. When at home, I blog about our beautiful state – Utah. 

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

Optimal physical health while traveling starts with optimal physical health at home. I exercise regularly, eat healthy, and make sure to get enough sleep. Then once out on the road, I’m already well-conditioned, which goes a long way towards staying healthy all the time. Once traveling, we mostly use public transportation and walk….a lot. So my cardio needs are inevitably met every day. I do get a little OCD about my step count, and it doesn’t feel like a good day unless it’s at least 15000.

I also make it a point to maintain my stretching routine wherever I’m at. The older I get, the more my body needs regular stretching to help minimize all those aches and pains. If we will be staying in a town for at least two weeks, then I’ll find a sporting goods store and purchase a yoga mat. Otherwise, I just figure out a way to do it on the bed. (Never on a bare floor….that doesn’t seem healthy)

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

The bottom line is that my mental health suffers greatly if I don’t travel. I deal far better with all the travel anxiety (navigating a new place, new language, new customs), much better than I deal with stress at home. For me, all those travel challenges are fun to solve. Whereas problems at home are generally never fun to solve and wear down my healthy mental status. I sleep better when I travel. My mood is better when I travel. Travel is an addiction and my brain regularly needs that travel fix to stay calm. 

No major challenges. But if you travel enough, minor illnesses will occur. And in those cases, rather than a true challenge, I have a regular annoyance. It’s always somewhat difficult to navigate pharmacies and medications in different countries when traveling. Every country seems to have different protocols in terms of what can be bought over the counter vs. what requires assistance from the pharmacist.

In the US, we can usually just walk into a grocery store and purchase most over-the-counter medication without talking to anyone. That doesn’t seem to be the case in a lot of other places around the world. And while it can be easy to navigate general travel issues in a foreign country, sometimes it can be harder to communicate health needs. Google Translate comes up a bit short there.

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

I know this is so basic, but I always try to remember to wash my hands really well whenever I can. It can be really hard to avoid airborne illness when traveling, but you can very much control your destiny when it comes to illness spread by touch.

I take quite a few supplements every day at home and pack many (though not all) of them for my travels. For me, the three most important for assisting with health maintenance while traveling are 1000mg of Vitamin C, 30 mg of Zinc, and a B Complex Vitamin. I take these religiously when on the road.

If you can get a prescription for an antibiotic from your doctor and fill it before you leave, it might be worth it. You never know when a sinus infection, simple skin infection, or urinary tract infection might interfere with your travels. It’s much easier to have some in your luggage than try to find medical care.

Rachel from TheRxForTravel | Travelers Talks ep11

Rachel from TheRxForTravel

Website | Instagram | Pinterest 

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

I’m Dr. Rachel Catalano, a Clinical Pharmacist, wife, mom of 2, family travel blogger, and FAA-licensed drone pilot living in Central Florida. Both my husband and I have done a great deal of traveling in our lives (it’s one of the things that brought us together). Now that we have kids, we are traveling as a family. We are not ones to sit still, so we like being on the go, doing activities, seeing cool sights, and learning about new places. 

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

As a health care practitioner, I’m always keenly aware of my and my family’s health when traveling in all its many aspects. Even more so, because I myself developed both a gluten intolerance and dairy intolerance. Traveling can be really scary when you are worried about where and what you can eat. Especially knowing what can happen if you accidentally ingest something you shouldn’t. But after traveling with these food intolerances for many years now, I’ve learned that preparation is key. By preparing ahead of time, I can navigate my travels safely so that I can stay feeling healthy for the entire trip. 

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

For anyone who has food allergies or intolerances, traveling can create quite a bit of anxiety. Where can I eat? What can I eat? Will the staff understand me (either in the knowledge of the allergy or language barrier)? Will I get sick? These and many more questions may flood your mind. But I find the best way to combat this type of anxiety is to be prepared. By doing your part and preparing ahead of time (even sometimes with backup options), you can feel a sense of calmness as you make your way through your travels. 

My family and I used to laugh about this app called Places I’ve Pooped. But to be honest, someone made that app, because lots of people in the world have similar health struggles. And as someone who experiences GI symptoms with my food intolerances, there’s solace in knowing that I’m not alone. If I get sick, sometimes that means a change in our itinerary or having to cancel an excursion. Over the years, I’ve learned to be less hard on myself or feel guilty over things I can’t control. 

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

Research. Start by finding locations to travel to that are more accommodating to food allergies than others. In my experience, bigger cities will likely have more food options than more remote locations. I also use the app Find Me Gluten Free to help me navigate restaurant choices. You can also follow bloggers like myself who have first-hand knowledge or experiences of eating at the location you are traveling to. 

Eat in. I know, I know, this isn’t ideal. Half the fun of travel is eating out and experiencing the cuisine of new places. But if you have food intolerances this may not always be ideal. Each day, pick the meals to eat in and the meals to eat out, so you don’t feel like you’re missing out.

Always keep a snack on hand. We always laugh that my mom is Mary Poppins because if you ever ask her for a snack, she can easily pull a banana, or water, or sometimes even a sandwich from her bag. As a mom myself, it has befallen me to do this too. So, if you ever see me in your travels and you’re hungry, don’t worry I probably have something in my bag for you. 

Nicholas from The World Overload Travelers Talks ep11

Nicholas from The World Overload

Website | Instagram | Twitter 

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

I am a California native born and raised in Los Angeles. I consider myself both a budget traveler as well as a tour company traveler. Not only do I look for the best deals but doing this with tour companies allows me to expand my friend network and meet new people while traveling instead of being a solo traveler. 

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

As I got older I realized my physical health was becoming increasingly more important. Now I make sure to take care of myself while I travel. I do this in several simple and easy ways. I first make sure to properly stretch my muscles every morning, even if the day only requires minimal physical effort. This can be anything from walking to bike riding or a possible hike. It helps me start my morning right and make sure I do not injure myself by accident. 

I also make sure to properly hydrate throughout the day and not overindulge in things like alcohol or sugary snacks. Yes, it is okay to treat yourself while on vacation but don’t feel the need to order every tasty yet possibly unhealthy meal off of the menu. One of the biggest things I learned was to make sure I got a proper amount of sleep. You may make friends while traveling who can stay up later in the night and party but don’t feel like you need to keep up with their activities. Go at your own pace and know your limits.

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

I’m able to care about my mental health by keeping my eye out for stressful situations to avoid them. I also spend part of my vacation taking small breaks by myself to decompress and relax before continuing with the itinerary, even when I am on a group tour. When there is free time I make sure to allow myself part of that time to simply close my eyes and take deep breathing exercises. At night before sleep, I spend an hour just decompressing by simply reading or listening to my types of music. It is amazing how a few breaks between a busy schedule can help with your mental health while on vacation.

I have been fortunate in that I have not had any challenges relating to my health as I traveled. I continued to follow the same steps to make sure my physical and mental health were being positively affected. Realizing that some things were out of my complete control made my life easier if problems during my travels occurred.

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

Always make sure to prepare your itinerary and items you may need the next day or the night before. It helps you both physically and mentally knowing that you are prepared and will not be rushed to make it on time to your next destination or to have your schedule affected negatively.

Make sure to properly eat and hydrate while traveling. Enjoy the local cuisines and desserts in whatever place you are visiting but realize that you don’t need to have an alcoholic beverage with every meal just because you are on vacation. Or need to keep up with your fellow travel companions’ drink for drink. Choose healthier meal options every other day to help maintain yourself so you will not feel sluggish and full as you explore.

Sleep! Sleep! And once again – sleep! Get a proper 8+ hours of sleep. Do not feel like you are missing out on some special thing if you decide to go to bed early while others are still out. It’s better you are properly energized for the next day instead of struggling to stay awake and being grumpy.

Catherine from Nomadicated | Travelers Talks ep11

Catherine from Nomadicated

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

Three months into college, Catherine Xu realized it was not all Hollywood said it would be, so at 19, took a gap year to backpack the world. Ever since, she has lived in the name of adventure, visiting over 65 countries and vanlifed the USA. Nowadays, when she’s not summiting peaks and hitchhiking to mud volcanoes, she’s working from cafes around the world. 

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

As a full-time traveler, I’ve started to prioritize physical well-being more so than in years past. With all the delicious food, long days and nights spent on a train or plane, it can be difficult to avoid overindulging or eating unhealthy food during your journey. Nowadays, I consciously allocate a few days’ time to replenish with nutritious food and visit the gym before moving on to the next destination.

In addition to maintaining a healthy diet and exercise routine, I am always aware of general country-specific information such as the safety of drinking tap water and necessary vaccinations. While my first aid kit may be compact, I always have at least one pill each of essential medication.

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

Mental health is something I only recently realized that I needed to sustain. Trying to adjust to different time zones, new cultures, and climates can be overwhelming; but since starting to work full-time as a blogger, I’m learning how to balance my work and travel life. 

Whenever I start feeling tired from my travels, I take some time to appreciate my life and contemplate if what I’m currently doing and where I am truly brings me happiness. 

Typically, I find myself choosing to establish a home base for a few months, simply to have a semblance of a routine once more. During this time, I prioritize self-care by going to the gym, building a community, practicing meditation, and reviving my hobbies.

For me, traveling has become a way of life. Now, I’m exploring ways to make it a sustainable and healthier experience.

Aside from minor bouts of food poisoning and the occasional infectious cut, most health concerns I’ve had were healed with a little rest and through trying local remedies. 

However, my most recent challenge is a bit more serious. Stemming from a Muay Thai injury, during a recent hike, I tore a ligament in my knee and will need surgery. It’s a setback, but perhaps this incident is the universe’s way of telling me to take a break and reconnect with my family who live abroad.

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

My top tips are the same ones scientists have been touting our whole lives: eat right, sleep well, and hydrate. We tend to forget while traveling that our bodies still need these basics even though we don’t always have the best access to them. 

Eat right. When I travel in Asia, I prefer to eat at local restaurants that serve wholesome ingredients instead of fancy, large meals. The portion sizes in Asia are typically just right for one person. 

If I have access to a kitchen, I like to visit local markets or grocery stores to stock up on fresh fruits and cook up some vegetables.

Hydrate. I’ve once heard that 70% of headaches can be attributed to not drinking enough water. While some countries lack safe tap water, they usually sell water cheaply by the bottle or have refilling stations. If you’re visiting one of these countries, bring a water purifier with you, just in case.

Get medical insurance. After experiencing this knee injury and needing a root canal during this trip, I’ve learned the importance of never traveling without medical insurance. It’s a part of any traveler’s budget that should not be overlooked. 

Ri from The Reel Ri | Travelers Talks ep11

Ri from The Reel Ri

Website | Tiktok | Instagram

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

Hey there! I’m Ri, a 20-something Jamaican American based out of Atlanta. I’ve been globetrotting for as long as I can remember. My first trip to the UK in 2017 and my five-month adventure in Australia in 2019 opened my eyes and ignited my desire to travel and see the world. As someone with a degree in public health, I love finding ways to fuse my passion for travel with my interest in wellness.

Through my journeys, I’ve picked up invaluable insights and practical tips for fellow travelers who share a passion for their health. My mission? To prove that you can prioritize well-being while exploring the world’s wonders. Whether it’s hunting down plant-based or pescatarian delights on foreign soil or staying active while constantly on the move, I’ve got you covered. Consider me your food-loving travel buddy here to dish out relatable tales, a pinch of humor, and some profound life lessons learned from my nomadic lifestyle that will inspire other travelers to see the world in a mindful way that energizes them, not exhaust them.

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

When taking care of my physical health on the go, I’ve discovered that walking is my ultimate ally. I’m all about exploring new destinations on foot whenever possible. It’s not just about hitting my daily step goal; it’s about immersing myself in the local vibe. Walking allows me to stumble upon hidden gems, strike up conversations with locals, and savor the city’s flavors whenever something catches my eye – something you can’t quite experience if you’re constantly zipping around in a vehicle. I keep it simple – long walks are my go-to for getting in movement when I’m in a walkable city with favorable weather.

I also make it a point to engage in active excursions like hiking, swimming, etc. This feels more immersive than sweating it out in a hotel gym, which isn’t always possible. And I’m diligent about taking time to stretch my muscles every day. It helps keep my body loose, improves blood flow, and fends off soreness from all my adventuring. For me, staying active on the road is all about embracing the location I’m in and getting creative with movement.

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

Managing mental health on the road can be a challenge. Unfamiliar environments and possible culture shock often loom, but I’ve got some tricks up my sleeve. I bring little pieces of home – my satin pillowcase, and a cozy blanket. They provide comfort when everything is new. I connect with loved ones back home but stay balanced so I don’t become homesick.

Maintaining a routine is essential for me. I try to start and end my days at a comfortable time – sacrificing sleep for adventure leads to burnout. To be my best self I need rest. I make time to journal and build in rest days. Understanding my needs and habits, without abandoning my grounding routines, is key. Self-care and mental wellness aren’t luxuries when traveling – they’re necessities. I’ve learned to check in with myself and do what I need to recharge in unfamiliar places. It takes effort, but the reward is priceless.

I once found myself battling food poisoning alone in a hotel room abroad. Being sick without the comforts of home or loved ones to help you get what you need to feel better is difficult. In this situation, I learned resilience. With my lifeline being hotel room service, I made the most of the resources available to me. The staff was incredibly helpful in getting me anything I asked for. In moments like these, Google can become your trusty guide for symptom-related questions. 

Having reliable travel insurance and knowing your benefits can save you both stress and unexpected expenses in case you need medical care. That experience taught me the importance of preparedness. Having the essentials at your fingertips so you can focus on feeling better instead of scrambling when unforeseen health challenges arise. Getting sick far from home isn’t fun, but having a plan makes it more manageable. 

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

Stay active on the go. Embrace the adventure of walking and explore alternative ways to keep active, beyond gym walls. Whether you’re strolling through a charming city or hiking up a scenic trail, it’s all about making fitness a part of your journey.

Maintain a health-conscious diet abroad. Give yourself permission to indulge a bit – it is vacation, after all! While savoring the local flavors, make mindful choices by opting for healthier options like grilled or steamed dishes instead of fried treats. Don’t forget to add a dose of fruits or veggies to each meal for balance and keep yourself well-hydrated. Just keep in mind that dietary accommodations can vary by location, so be flexible and enjoy the culinary diversity.

Stick to your routines. It’s easy to feel adrift in the sea of travel uncertainty, but maintaining your routines, even intermittently, can be your anchor. These familiar habits keep you grounded and ensure you’re at your best while exploring. Never forget the importance of relaxation. Taking time for yourself ensures a fulfilling travel experience. 

Stephanie from Bey of Travel | Travelers Talks episode 11

Stephanie from Bey of Travel

Website | Instagram | Pinterest

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

I am Stephanie, an Adventure Travel Blogger hailing from the heart of Europe – Belgium. With a deep-rooted passion for the great outdoors, I love to explore the world through hiking, camping, and unforgettable road trips. Be it a hidden hiking trail or a serene campsite tucked away in nature, my blog – Bey of Travel – is a testament to all things outdoor and adventurous.

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

Staying healthy when traveling requires a bit of planning and a commitment to maintaining a balanced lifestyle even on the road. It’s all about finding the right balance between indulgence and keeping up with your regular fitness routine. I love to book a hotel with a well-equipped gym. This ensures that no matter how busy your schedule is, you always have an opportunity to squeeze in a workout. 

Because I love outdoor activities, I research the area for nearby hiking trails or parks as part of my trip-planning process. These spots can offer a great way to explore the local area while also getting some exercise. You could even turn it into a mini-adventure as you venture off the beaten path, just remember to stay safe. 

Lastly, don’t forget to stay hydrated and eat balanced meals. While it can be tempting to try every local delicacy in sight, remember to include plenty of fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins in your diet. 

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

Taking care of your mental health while traveling is just as crucial as maintaining your physical wellbeing. Traveling to new places can be overwhelming at times. It’s important to make time for relaxation and quiet moments of introspection. Mindful practices such as meditation and yoga can be incredibly beneficial, especially when practiced outdoors. 

Listening to calming music, reading a good book, or simply spending time in nature can help reduce stress and anxiety. I also find journaling to be a therapeutic activity, allowing me to process my experiences and feelings while on the road. Remember, it’s okay to slow down and take a day off from exploring. It’s your journey, and you are allowed to set your own pace. Prioritizing mental health ensures you fully enjoy your travels and return home refreshed and recharged.

Facing health challenges while traveling is not uncommon, and I’ve certainly had my fair share of such experiences. During a hiking trip in the Swiss Alps, I encountered altitude sickness – a condition I’d never experienced before. It was a daunting and uncomfortable experience, but I managed it by resting, taking things slow, and hydrating regularly. 

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

Stay active. Incorporate regular physical activity into your travel itinerary. Engage in activities that you enjoy and are suitable for your fitness level, such as hiking, cycling, or even just walking around the local area. Booking a hotel with a fitness center is always handy. 

Eat balanced meals. It’s easy to get carried away with trying all the local cuisine, but remember to keep your meals balanced. Include plenty of fruits and vegetables in your diet, drink plenty of water, and try not to overindulge in sugary or fatty foods. 

Prioritize rest. Traveling is exciting, but it’s also important to make sure you get enough rest. Lack of sleep can weaken your immune system and make you more susceptible to illness. It’s okay to take a break from your itinerary and just relax. 

Brad & Amber from Foley Exploring | Travelers Talks ep11

Brad & Amber from Foley Exploring

Website | Twitter | Instagram

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

My wife and I travel full time and focus on traveling with as much value as possible. We leverage the different methods available to travel affordably while also having the best experiences possible. So that means… budget travel, travel hacking and credit card points, house sitting, and other methods of travel. We are both engineers/managers, working fully remotely and developing our blog that breaks down real costs, experiences, and expectations of the “digital nomad” lifestyle.

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

We have each actually lost 20lb since we started traveling (in a good way)! Coming from the United States, there are remarkable differences. Everything is so walkable! Several mile walks (5-8) daily are the norm because we can. We walk to the grocery store, we cook the majority of our meals (because diet is equally as important as exercise… and overall costs less). Local landmarks are within walking distance as well. We walk/hike in the mountains to see the views and get photos of a life-time!

I would wager that most people will say “stick to a routine” or “exercise every day”. This doesn’t work for us (though I can see the value in getting a world wide gym membership for the machines and showers). Since we travel the world fairly quickly, we stay in places where gyms don’t really exist. We always stay in places where we are able to cook for ourselves. People tend to fall into the trap of eating out all the time… It’s expensive and generally not great for physical health. We still eat out of course! Just not for every meal. 

In total, we strive for a balance in the combination of walking as much as possible, cutting out alcohol (because let’s face it, the bottom of a glass looks the same everywhere in the world), and cooking most of your own meals. This lets us stay physically healthy and ready to do the thing. 

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

We have actually covered how to manage anxiety while traveling in one of our blog posts. Mental health is crazy important since full-time travel is such a different way to live than the “typical”.

At a high level: embrace mindfulness and meditation, establish routine, practice self-care, stay connected with loved ones, seek out community, plan ahead, practice self-compassion, focus on the present moment, keep a journal, and embrace the unknown. (i would recommend reading in detail on the blog of course). 

Additionally, we have a world healthcare plan (Cigna Silver) that includes certain therapy treatments that are highly useful! Apart from that, we are lucky to be able to travel as a couple and communicate with each other frequently. 

We have been incredibly lucky! No issues with health. We decided to bring an extensive first aid kit with us while traveling (just in case) that included things like stomach medicine, ibuprofen, and gauze. It was a good move (and we have dipped in once and a while) but it is heavy. 

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

Walk as much as possible! Since you are traveling, the point is to see the thing. Get out there! Go on that hike! Do not take an uber, taxi, or bus if it is a few blocks walk.

Cook your own meals. Yeah, I know the food looks sooo good. Maybe have 1 instead of everything? Please, at least cook breakfast. You will be amazed at how much it helps your day!

Reflect internally and meditate. Travel is all about self-improvement. The better you understand yourself, the better person you can be! Start a journal, learn a simple breathing technique, try to understand the way you think instead of just having thoughts. 

Alison from Glimpses of UAE | Travelers Talks ep11

Alison from Glimpses of UAE

Website | Facebook | Instagram

Write a few words about yourself – who you are, and how you travel.

I’m Alison, a British expat living in the Arabian Gulf often traveling back to Scotland and to other countries with my teen daughter. I like to go to quiet and more remote places and go for long walks and hikes and enjoy the great outdoors and instill a love of nature in my daughter. 

How do you care about physical health while traveling?

When we’re traveling, I try to make sure we’re always hydrated and take supplements like vitamin D and magnesium for general well-being. I’m careful with food and if we are still in hotels I avoid shellfish and some other dishes on buffets to avoid food poisoning and try to eat freshly cooked food. We also try to get lots of exercise and fresh air where possible.

When we’re in Scotland, we do lots of walking and we check for ticks every day as they’ve been on the increase recently. We wear long trousers, socks, and hiking boots to keep covered up but they can still sneak in and sometimes they come home in your clothes or you can occasionally find them in the garden or near the beach. To avoid any possibility of Lyme Disease, it’s important to remove them within the first 2-3 days. I always carry a tick remover and tweezers in my toilet bag.

How do you care about mental health while traveling?

I rarely have an issue with my mental health, so that’s a hard question to answer. Mostly just by enjoying the tranquility of quiet places and catching up with the last month’s events and processing it all. Fresh air is important too. If traveling alone, it’s important to have some kind of interaction with other people even if it’s just brief chats. 

My only real challenge has been when I’ve had dental issues. I’ve had a dental abscess several times and it’s not always easy getting an appointment with a dentist. It’s also not easy being able to see a GP. I usually take some medication with me when I travel like penicillin, antibiotic cream, and antihistamines. 

Share your TOP3 tips for travelers to maintain good health while traveling.

Always stay hydrated. 

If you’re traveling solo, endure some interactions with others at least every 2-3 days. 

If you’re walking in wooded areas, check yourself for ticks! 

Happy Little Traveler Authors

How do we take care of our health while traveling?

Short intro in case you don’t know us: we’re digital nomads traveling full-time since August 2021. Thankfully during that time, we didn’t have any serious health problems and we didn’t even have to use our health insurance. Let’s hope it will stay this way! The most serious thing that happened to us was Covid, a few smaller colds, and food poisoning.

How do we care about physical health while traveling?

We eat healthy most of the time. Our diet is balanced, mostly vegetarian/vegan. We keep our weight in check. Go on daily walks. We try to work out at least 3 times a week but we aren’t always successful (especially during hot summer months). We supplement vitamins, don’t smoke, and don’t drink a lot. At least 7 hours of sleep a day is a must for us. We use sunscreens all year round. Finally, we monitor our health in yearly checkups, during our short stays back in our home country, and we take care of necessary vaccinations. 

How do we care about mental health while traveling?

To be honest, currently we don’t do anything special in this matter. Seems like our mental health is doing well at this moment, and we don’t suffer from any mental disorders. The thing that has definitely changed for the better since leaving Poland in 2021 is that both of us feel happier, calmer, and we are more satisfied with life and less stressed. We’re sure that spending autumns and winters in countries with many sunny days definitely helps here, as well as among more friendly and smiling people. Classics like eating healthy food, walking, exercising, or good sleep also play an important part, we think. 

Our advice for you? 

Try to maintain your routine, especially during longer trips. 

If you feel unwell, either physically or mentally, please look for professional health and don’t wait to get back home to do that if things go south suddenly.

Don’t forget to take your medications and supplements with you. 

And of course, sleep well, eat healthy, don’t drink too much, wash your hands, and exercise.

How to take care of health while traveling? – Summing up

You made it to the end, congrats! Now we probably don’t have to convince anyone that health is important and we need to take care of it all the time. We wish you safe and healthy travels! Oh, and be sure to tell us in the comments how you take care of health while traveling.

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