Guadalest, One Of The Most Beautiful Villages In Spain

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Somewhere in Spain, on the top of a high rock, at an altitude of about 550m, near the valley with a reservoir with blue-green waters, Guadalest village is located. This little quaint village, which actual full name is El Castell de Guadalest, has existed since the Muslim period. Nowadays it’s one of the most visited places in the province of Alicante. Guadalest, with its castle, was declared a Historical/Artistic Complex in 1974 and, later, a Cultural Interest Asset. It’s also one of the most beautiful villages in Spain, which doesn’t surprise us at all.

Only around 200 people live currently in Guadalest, most of whom work in tourism. The village is full of history, culture, charming buildings, and spectacular views – all together offers an unforgettable atmosphere right from the village doorsteps.

Enough of an introduction, let’s go on a walk in Guadalest, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain.

Complete guide to Guadalest, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain located near Benidorm

Guadalest, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain

To enter the village you have to go through the Portal de Sant Josep. It’s a short tunnel excavated in the rock. It’s a very original entrance. ​​As you go through it and reach the old town, you’ll start to feel that you are going back in time.

Path leading to the Portal de Sant Josep in Guadalest, Spain
The path leading to the Portal de Sant Josep
View from the path leading to the Guadalest entrance
Portal de Sant Josep - entrance to Guadalest Old Town
Portal de Sant Josep

Guadalest streets

Soak into the village’s unique atmosphere while strolling through its streets. White houses, cobbled streets, small craft shops with local products, museums, restaurants… All of that adorn every street here. Not far from the tunnel you can find a small village square, with a town hall and viewpoint (Mirador Plaza San Gregorio) over the Guadalest Valley.

What to do in Guadalest, Spain - Walk old Town village streets
What to do in Guadalest near Benidorm, Spain?
What to do in Guadalest near Benidorm, Spain?
Things to see in Guadalest, Spain -Village City Hall
Things to do in Guadalest near Benidorm in Spain
View over the Guadalest valley from the Guadalest Viewpoint
View over the Guadalest Reservoir from the Guadalest Viewpoint in village

San José Castle – Guadalest fortress

Castle sits on the top of a rock, at an altitude of 595 m, which makes it the highest place in the village. San José Castle is an 11th-century fortress, built by Muslims. Thanks to the strategic location, it played a very important role throughout the Middle and Modern Ages. Castle was badly damaged by two earthquakes (in 1644 & 1748) and the blasting in the War of Succession, in 1708. So as you can imagine San José Castle doesn’t offer a lot itself, but the views over the valley and bell tower are worth the trip.

Enter prices: General €4, reduced: €2 (November 2022)

Guadalest fortress - Guadalest San José Castle visible from Mirador Plaza San Gregorio
Guadalest San José Castle visible from Mirador Plaza San Gregorio

As for the tower, it’s one of the most symbolic images of the village, well visible from a distance. Like a castle, it comes from the 11th century. The restoration took place in the 20th century.

Guadalest Spain - village bell tower visible from old town streets

The Orduña House

After the earthquake in 1644 that devastated the region, the Orduña family, from Basque Country built The Orduña House. Since then, it has been restored and converted into the Municipal Museum. Inside you’ll find, for example, 19th-century decor and furniture, paintings from the XVIII and XIX centuries, and an interesting collection of ceramics.

Our Lady of the Assumption Parish Church

The Baroque-style church is from the 18th century. It’s located right next to the Orduña House. The church was burned and looted during the Civil War, and later in 1962 was remodeled.

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Mirador Del Castillo de Guadalest

Only 2.5km from the Guadalest center you’ll find a viewpoint from which you can admire breathtaking views over the village, castle, and the valley.

Complete guide to Guadalest, one of the most beautiful villages in Spain located near Benidorm

Guadalest Museums

If you like going to the museums Guadalest has quite a lot to offer:

  • Orduña House Municipal Museum
  • Ethnological Museum
  • Microminiatures Museum
  • Microgiant Museum
  • Medieval Historical Museum
  • Salt and Pepper Shakers Museum
  • Historical Vehicles Collection Museum

We weren’t in any of them so we’ll just leave a link to a website where you can read more about them all.

Guadalest Reservoir

Guadalest Reservoir is located in the Guadalest Valley. It’s surrounded by the mountains of Aitana (the highest point in the province of Alicante), Serrella, and Xortá. Guadalest reservoir is most famous for its blue-green waters. The place is perfect for swimming and water sports like canoeing or paddle surfing. You can also go on a walk, as the circular hiking route is available (9.6 km long).

Guadalest Reservoir in the Guadalest Valley visible from the village centre
Guadalest Reservoir in the valley with perfect blue water

How to get to Guadalest, Spain?

Guadalest is located about 25km from Benidorm and 60 km from Alicante. The easiest way is definitely to travel by car. Also, there are some buses traveling from Benidorm.

Guadalest Parkings

  • We left our car in that parking lot, for free, and took a short walk to the Guadalest admiring views over the valley and the village. 
  • You can also leave the car in this parking, right next to the village, for €2 (price in November 2021)

Guadalest Reservoir Parking

Summing up

That’s all for Guadalest from us. Now you probably understand why Guadalest is one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. If you’re in the area don’t wait too long and immerse yourself in this incredible atmosphere and stunning views that it can offer. 

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat in Guadalest?

Here are your best, high-rated options in Guadalest:

Guadalest - Map of places

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