15+ Best Day Trips From Alicante, Spain

Hot dry summers, mild sunny winters, many leisure activities and cultural attractions, vivid nightlife, charming old town, as well as cheap flights from many places in Europe, attract thousands of travelers to Alicante all year round. No wonder it became one of the most popular Spain travel destinations! But Alicante isn’t only a perfect spot for weekend trips or a few days’ stay. This city might also be a great base for discovering more amazing places on Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. Sounds interesting? Stay with us, and discover the best day trips from Alicante, Spain. 

We’ve been living in the area for almost 2 months and got a chance to know it pretty well. So here are our recommendations for great day trips from Alicante to many places on Costa Blanca and also Costa Calida. All max 1h15min away from Alicante if you’ll be traveling by car. Vamos, let’s discover breathtaking landscapes and small charming towns. 

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View over Santa Bárbara Castle from Santa Cruz District in Alicante, Spain
Mushroom Street on San Francisco Street in Alicante, Spain
Best things to do in Alicante Old Town - Santa Cruz District

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Best trips from Alicante, Spain – Villages, towns & cities


Calpe is located about 60km from Alicante. Without a doubt, the town is most famous for Peñon de Ifach mountain – a mighty rock that dominates the landscape and gives the area a very unique look. Calpe also stands out for its super charming and colorful old town, picturesque sandy beaches, small hidden coves, and salinas where you’ll find… cute pink flamingos! All of that makes Calpe an amazing day trip from Alicante that shouldn’t be missed.

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Discover Best Day Trips From Alicante, Spain - Calpe
Best Day Trips From Alicante - Calpe and Parque Natural del Penon de Ifach


Altea is located about 55km from Alicante. It’s a very peaceful seaside white town where it seems as if time has stopped. Narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses, and stunning beaches with calming sea views come together perfectly. Altea’s most recognizable spot, the iconic image of the town, is the blue dome of the town’s main church which dominates the area. The town is also a paradise for artists – there you can find numerous workshops, small art galleries, and craft shops with various handmade items.

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Best Day Trips From Alicante - Altea Old Town
Discover Best Day Trips From Alicante - Altea


Villajoyosa is located about 35km from Alicante, which makes it a great day trip from Alicante. The town is best known for three things: colorful houses, beautiful beaches, and delicious chocolate manufactured by Valor. Old colorful houses give Villajoyosa a unique vibe and make it one of the most picturesque and colorful towns along Costa Blanca. Taking a walk through the maze of narrow streets and enjoying pretty squares is a pure pleasure. 

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Discover Best Day Trips From Alicante - Villajoyosa
Villajoyosa Racó del Conill Nudist Beach

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Guadalest is located about 65km from Alicante. It’s a little quaint Spanish village, which sits on top of a high rock at an altitude of about 550m. Guadalest is full of history, culture, charming buildings, and spectacular views of the surroundings – all together offers an unforgettable atmosphere right from the village doorsteps. Guadalest is very small, and you probably won’t need more than 2-3 hours to see it. Also, the town is named one of the most beautiful villages in Spain!  Doesn’t all that make Guadalest a great idea for a day trip from Alicante? 

A trip to Guadalest can be easily combined with a trip to the spectacular Fonts de l’Algar waterfalls located only 15km away, and/or Polop located 10km away.  

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Discover Best Day Trips From Alicante - Guadalest
Things to do in Guadalest, Spain - visit San José Castle


Benidorm is located about 45km from Alicante. In just about 50 years it evolved from a small sleepy fishing village to one of the most popular holiday resorts in Spain. It’s often affectionately called the “Manhattan of Spain”, and one look is enough to tell that Benidorm is totally different from most Spanish cities. Besides the unique coastline look with many skyscrapers, the town has a lot to offer – beautiful beaches, mountain views, vivid nightlife, and lots of attractions both for adults and kids. 

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Best Day Trips From Alicante - Benidorm
Views over Benidorm, Manhattan of Spain, from The Cross of Benidorm

Finestrat Old Town

Finestrat Old Town is located about 40km from Alicante, at the foot of Puig Campana, the second-highest mountain in the province of Alicante. It’s a truly enchanting and colorful small town, not yet as popular as other towns in Costa Blanca. But don’t let it fool you – it’s one of the best-prepared towns for visitors we’ve seen! The colorful narrow streets of the old town and viewpoints where you can admire beautiful views over the coast and Puig Campana make Finestrat a beautiful hidden gem. Add Finestrat to your list of day trips from Alicante – you won’t regret it.

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Discover Best Day Trips From Alicante - Finestrat
Great things to do in Finestrat Old Town


Polop is located about 55km from Alicante. It’s a small town and you can visit it on the same day as the spectacular Fonts de l’Algar waterfalls which are located only 8km away, and/or Guadalest located only 10km away. Polop is a nice and little sleepy place, perfect for a lazy stroll around the narrow streets and climbing the small hill where the castle used to be. From the very top, you’ll be able to admire stunning views over the mountains and sea.

Places to see near Alicante, Spain - Polop
Best places to see near Alicante, Spain - Polop


Elche is located only about 30km from Alicante, which makes it a popular day trip destination. It’s best known for being home to the largest palm grove in Europe, Palmeral de Elche, which was named a World Heritage Site. But that’s not all Elche can offer – there you’ll also find a charming historic quarter with the Basilica of Santa Maria, a famous religious site with two blue domes. 


Murcia is located about 80km from Alicante on Costa Calida. Even though the city is quite big itself, the 7th largest in Spain, there aren’t too many places to see for the visitors. Murcia Center offers more of a small-town vibe, and it’s nowhere as busy as cities like Alicante or Benidorm, so it’s a great option if you wanna escape crowds. There you’ll find many lovely streets and squares, impressive Catedral de Murcia and Palacio Episcopal, some street art, and of course renowned gastronomy. 

Discover Best Day Trips From Alicante, Spain - Murcia
Day Trips From Alicante, Spain - Murcia


Cartagena, the one in Spain not in Colombia, is located about 120km from Alicante. Thanks to its strategic location on the coast, the area has been praised since Carthaginian times, around 220 B.C. The city developed most during Roman times, which effects we can observe to this day. Among many Roman ruins in Cartagena, you’ll find a spectacular 1st-century B.C. Roman Theater, Casa de la Fortuna – villa with murals and mosaics, or Punic Wall – interpretation center that houses the remains of a 3rd-century B.C. defensive wall. 

Best things to do in Cartagena Spain - see Roman Theater
Best One Day Trips From Alicante - Cartegena, Spain

Best trips from Alicante, Spain – Natural sites

Puig Campana

Puig Campana is located only about 40km from Alicante, in Finestrat town. With an altitude of 1406m, it’s the second-highest peak in the province of Alicante, visible from many places in the area. There are three hiking routes available: circular route, circular route + ascent, and vertical kilometer. Routes vary in distance and difficulty, but each of them guarantees spectacular views and unforgettable experiences. All routes start from the Font del Moli, where you can leave your car. 

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Natural sites for day trip from Alicante - Puig Campana mountain
Views from Puig Campana mountain summit

Fonts de l’Algar

Fonts de l’Algar are located about 65km from Alicante. It’s a very picturesque nature reserve with a walking path among waterfalls, springs, and natural pools. The surrounding landscape is the result of the karst process on the limestone. In 2002 Fonts de l’Algar was declared a Protected Water Area. It’s a truly beautiful place, so don’t forget to add it to your list of day trips from Alicante.

Trip to Fonts de l’Algar can be easily combined with a trip to Guadalest located only 15km away, and/or Polop located 8km away.  

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Natural sites for day trip from Alicante - Fints de l'Algar
Discover spectacular Fonts de l'Algar waterfalls

Mar Menor 

Mar Menor is a coastal saltwater lagoon located in the region of Murcia. It’s the largest lagoon in Spain with a coastal length of 70km, separated from the Mediterranean Sea by La Manga, a 22km long sandbar. The water is only 7 meters deep at its lowest point. To see Mar Menor you can travel about 90km from Alicante to the San Pedro del Pinatar area. You can also take a longer day trip and ride up to La Manga and admire views over Costa Calida from it. One thing is for sure – Mar Menor is the perfect destination for relaxing on sandy beaches. 

Best day trips from Alicante, Spain - Mar Menor Lagoon
Mar Menor Lagoon in Spain is great day trip idea from Alicante

Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada

Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada is located about 50km from Alicante. It’s a perfect place for a long, lazy walk in nature. From the entrance, up to the lighthouse, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes – high cliffs, mountains, Mediterranean Sea, and coastline views. The path in Parc Natural de la Serra Gelada is very easy and well-maintained so almost everyone will be able to enjoy it. 

What to see in Benidorm, Spain? Sierra Helada Natural Park
Sierra Helada Natural Park in Benidorm, Spain

Canelobre Caves

Canelobre Caves are located only about 25km from Alicante, in a small inland Busot village, at an altitude of 700m a.s.l.It’s a fascinating geological wonder that offers visitors a unique underground experience. Caves are home to impressive stalactite and stalagmite formations, with some reaching over 70 meters in height. You can discover the natural beauty of the caves during a guided tour and/or take part in one of many orchestra concerts that take place in Canelobre Caves. 

Tabarca Island

Tabarca Island is located one hour’s sail from Alicante port. It’s the largest island in the Valencian Community, and also the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain. In the past, the island was a refuge for Barbary pirates. Nowadays it stands out for the restaurants with traditional food, the Church of San Pedro and San Pablo, the small historic center, the lighthouse, and the island’s museum. 

Best day trips from Alicante, Spain  – Summing up 

If you’re staying longer in Alicante you definitely won’t be bored. There are so many beautiful places to discover in the area, right? We hope this post came in very handy for you, and now you’re one step closer to choosing places you’ll visit on Costa Blanca and Costa Calida. Enjoy your time during day trips from Alicante, and let us know in the comments which towns and natural sites you chose, we’re curious!

One more tip. Traveling by car, without a doubt, is the best and the fastest way of getting to all mentioned places near Alicante. So if you’re not traveling by car, we recommend you rent one. To some places, you’ll be able to reach by train, and to most of them by bus.

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15 + Best Day Trips From Alicante, Spain- Map of places

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