One Day In Villajoyosa, Spain. Complete Guide

Villajoyosa, La Vila Joiosa or just La Vila for the locals is a small town in the province of Alicante in Spain. It’s located about 35km from Alicante and 15km from Benidorm, which makes it a very popular spot for trips. The nearby mountain range is a natural barrier that shelters the region from northern winds. From Villajoyosa you can admire the peaks of Aitana and Puig Campana (the two highest peaks in the province of Alicante). Nearby, you can also find a Villajoyosa nudist beach, so everyone should be able to find something interesting.

In the 16th century, Villajoyosa played an important role in countering the attacks from pirates. For this reason, King Felipe II ordered the building of defensive walls which were finished by mid-century. You can still see parts of these walls in the old town nowadays. Villajoyosa officially became a city in 1911.

Villajoyosa is especially famous for three things: colorful houses, beautiful beaches, and… chocolate manufactured by Valor.

Enough introduction, let’s get down to business and discover what to do during one day in Villajoyosa, Spain.

One day in Villajoyosa, complete guide

One day in Villajoyosa, Spain. Complete guide

Villajoyosa colorful houses

As you already know Villajoyosa’s main attractions are its colorful houses which give the town a unique vibe and make it one of the most picturesque and colorful towns along the coast. Taking a walk through the maze of narrow, colorful streets and enjoying pretty squares is a must.

Villajoyosa, Spain - Colorful houses
What to see in Villajoyosa Spain? Colorful houses in the old town
Villajoyosa, Spain - Colorful houses in the old town
One day in Villajoyosa Spain. Complete travel guide

Fun fact. Why are the houses so colorful? According to one legend, bright colors helped fishermen to find their way back home in the evenings. Another legend says that since every fisherman had painted his boats in a specific color they used the leftover paint for the facades of their homes. But unfortunately, nobody seems to know the correct version.

Villajoyosa, Spain - Colorful mural in the old town
Villajoyosa Spain - Colorful houses and murals in the Old Town

Villajoyosa beaches

Enjoy your time on beautiful sandy beaches watching the azure Mediterranean Sea and colorful houses. The main beach of the Villajoyosa is Playa la Villajoyosa. You can also find other smaller beaches nearby, like Playa del Bol Nou or Playa del Varadero.

Beaches in Villajoyosa - Playa la Villajoyosa
Beaches in Villajoyosa Spain - Playa la Villajoyosa

Nudist beach Racó del Conill

You can find Racó del Conill beach near the city border with Benidorm. This is the official nudist beach in Villajoyosa, which is quite small and well hidden. The road leading to it is narrow and bumpy so be careful while driving. Just before going down to the beach, there is a viewpoint from which you can admire beautiful surroundings.

Villajoyosa Racó del Conill Nudist Beach
Villajoyosa Racó del Conill Nudist Beach
Villajoyosa Racó del Conill Nudist Beach

Villajoyosa promenade

Promenade runs from the harbor all the way to the old town. On the one side, there’s a sea and colorful houses on the other. Along the promenade, you’ll find many bars and restaurants serving good Spanish food.

Villajoyosa complete travel guide - what to see in one day

Amadorio riverbed park

Park was opened in 2010. For most of the year, the riverbed is dry and you can walk in it without any problems. While there, don’t forget to look up and admire colorful, hanging houses built on the defensive walls of the old town.

Villajoyosa colorful houses in Parque Rio Amadorio
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Valor Chocolate Museum

If you’re a chocolate lover then you can’t miss visiting the Valor Chocolate Museum and discovering the process of chocolate production. The visit is free of charge but there is 50 people limit on each visit. You can find more information about the schedule and timing on the Valor Museum website.

Valor Chocolate from Valor Chocolate Museum in Villajoyosa Spain
We didn’t go to the museum but bought some chocolates in the supermarket. 🍫🍫
Valor Chocolate from Valor Chocolate Museum in Villajoyosa Spain

Aguiló Tower

Aguiló Tower is located at the edge of the Villajoyosa, on the border with Benidorm. It was built in the 16th century to defend the coast from the pirates. It’s a very peculiar watchtower, as it has quadrangular flooring (they are usually round). From the top, you can admire incredible views of Benidorm and Villajoyosa.

Villajoyosa Aguiló Tower Benidorm View
Aguiló Tower and view toward Villajoyosa.
Villajoyosa Aguiló Tower - view over Villajoyosa
Villajoyosa Aguiló Tower - Benidorm View
View towards Benidorm.

Tower of Hercule (Tower of Saint Joseph)

The Tower of Hercules is located near the playa de Torres. It was built between 150 and 170 AD but it’s not really a tower, it’s the largest Roman funerary tower preserved in Spain.

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Moors and Christians Fiesta

Moors and Christians Fiesta (es. Fiestas de Moros y Cristianos) takes place in July, from 24th to 31th, and is Villajoyosa’s most important festival. This event has been celebrated for over 250 years in honor of Santa Marta, and commemorates events that took place in 1538 when Barbary pirates tried to attack the town. Tradition has it that Santa Marta came to the aid of the local people, causing a flood that swept the enemy ships out to sea preventing the corsairs from reaching the coast. In thanks, the town took Santa Marta as its patron saint, and each year these celebrations are held in her honor, with the re-enactment of the attack by the Moors as the key event (source).

Here you can watch a video of celebrations in 2018:

How to get to Villajoyosa, Spain?

Villajoyosa is located about 35km from Alicante and 15km from Benidorm. The easiest way is definitely to travel by car. Also, there are some buses traveling from Alicante or Benidorm.

Where to park in Villajoyosa?

We left our car in that parking lot, for free.

Summing up

Now you know what to do in one day in Villajoyosa during your visit to Spain. Would it be just to explore the Villajoyosa’s old town or get a proper tan on a nudist or the regular beach, there is plenty to choose from. So, we wish you an amazing time in this colorful, charming town. 🙂

Where to eat in Villajoyosa?

Here are your best, high-rated options in Villajoyosa:

Villajoyosa - Map of places

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