Puig Campana, The Second-Highest Hiking Route In The Province Of Alicante

Puig Campana, with an altitude of 1406 metres, is the second-highest peak in the province of Alicante. Mountain is located in the municipality of Finestrat, only about a 30-minute drive from Benidorm, a popular holiday destination. So, if you are in Benidorm or in the area you simply cannot miss this spectacular mountain, as it’s visible from many places. Puig Campana has quite a dramatic profile from the south and it may look like a really hard mountain to hike.

From the base of the mountain, it seems that there is only one peak, but in fact, there are two, the taller one is just not visible. The western of the two peaks has a well-visible gap, known as Roldan’s Notch – it’s a paradise for climbers.

Puig Campana, the second highest hiking route in the province of Alicante Spain

In 2009 a large part of the vegetation on the northeastern side of the mountain was burnt by fire. The fire started on January 24th when a high voltage electricity pylon was blown over by a strong wind. About 1000 hectares were reduced to ashes and around 15 000 people were evacuated. Twelve years after the fire the area was reborn, although some signs of fire are still visible.

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The legends of Puig Campana

A characteristic element of the mountain is a square cut on one of the peaks. How was it created? There are many legends about it.

Roldan legend

One of them says that the warrior Roldán (aka Roland) got into a fight with the Moorish chieftain at the summit. At one point he struck a strong blow with his sword, however, the chief managed to dodge, and the sword struck the rock with such force that it created the cut we can see today. A cut piece of rock rolled down from the mountain into the sea where it became known as Benidorm Island. The gap in the rock is still called el Tajo de Roldán (Roldán’s cut) or simply El Portell (the gate).

Romantic giant legend

The more romantic myth tells of a giant who fell in love with a woman from a nearby village. They married and lived together in a cabin on the Puig Campana. One day, the giant met a stranger out on the mountainside who told him his wife was seriously ill and would die at sunset that day, as the last rays of the sun would disappear behind the peak. The giant rushed back to the cabin to discover his wife was indeed dying. So the giant took his sword and cut the gap in the summit to delay the moment when the sun finally set, to give his love a few extra moments of life.

There are supposedly many more legends, but we liked these two the most. However, as science has proven, Puig Campana mountain rocks come from a different era than those from Benidorm Island, so unfortunately none of them can be true.

Roldan’s Notch on Puig Campana summit visible from Benidorm
Roldan’s Notch visible from Benidorm
Benidorm Island visible from Playa de Poniente
Benidorm Island

Ok, it’s time to get a little tired – let’s go! Puig Campana, the second-highest hiking route in the province of Alicante, is waiting. 🌄

Puig Campana, the second-highest hiking route in the province of Alicante

There are three hiking routes available:

  • Circular route
  • Circular route + ascent
  • Direct, called Vertical Kilometre

All routes start from the Font del Moli, where you can leave your car.

Puig Campana mountain - hiking trail in the province of Alicante Spain

Puig Campana Circular Route

The Circular Route doesn’t reach the top of the mountain. As the name suggests, it’s a circular path that runs around Puig Campana and can be walked in both directions. It’s 12km long and the altitude difference is around 600 metres. You can extend this route and reach the top of Puig Campana however this adds 4km more to the circular route and the altitude difference of 1100 metres. But it’s worth it as views from the top of Puig Campana are really impressive.

The path to the top begins near Coll de Pouet – a crossroads on the north face of Puig Campana. So if you want to reach the summit you need to abandon the circular route here and start going up on a steep, stone path. This route is definitely more challenging. After about an hour you’ll reach Bancal del Moro, the pass that separates the two peaks of Puig Campana. From here, the road to the top is less steep but still rocky with very impressive views. From the top, you have no other choice than to go back the same way to Coll del Pouet if you want to continue the Circular Route. You can also choose another route down called Vertical Kilometre.

Views from the circular route around Puig Campana mountain in Spain
Views from the circular route
Puig Campana Mountain Circular Route
Puig Campana circular route - Coll de Pouet crossroads
Puig Campana circular route - Coll de Pouet crossroads
Coll de Pouet crossroads
Puig Campana circular route - Coll de Pouet crossroads
Puig Campana ascend to the summit, the rocky path to the Bancal del Moro
The rocky path to the Bancal del Moro
Puig Campana Spain - Views from Bancal del Moro, behind the clouds Benidorm hides
Views from Bancal del Moro, behind the clouds Benidorm hides

Puig Campana Vertical Kilometre

Vertical Kilometre is a 7km climb, with an altitude difference of 900 metres. We didn’t go this route, but I’ll write here what we read. As its name suggests the path is vertical, so you will probably get tired more than going up during a circular route. It may be quite a challenging walk. Also, the route is not as varied, there aren’t as many views. There are many steep slopes and the instability of the terrain so you need to be very careful. In some places, ropes can be found, which are very helpful.

Hikers, wanderers on the Puig Campana summit
Summit of the Puig Campana mountain
Puig Campana - the second highest hiking route in the province of Alicante
Views of the different sides of the world from the Puig Campana summit

More information

  • Circular route has a low level of difficulty.
  • Circular route + ascent has medium difficulty so it’s good to be in quite good physical condition.
  • The duration of the routes varies between 6 to 8 hours depending on the route chosen.
  • Wear the proper clothing and hiking shoes, not the usual sneakers.
  • Take plenty of water and food with you.

If it becomes too difficult at some point, or the weather starts to change – turn back. In the mountains safety always comes first.

Hiking Puig Campana - the second highest trail in the province of Alicante Spain

How to get to Puig Campana starting point? 

Font del Moli is a 30-minute drive from Benidorm, or 45 minutes north from Alicante. There you will find a parking area and an information point.

We left the car in the parking lot close to Restaurante en Finestrat Font del Molí. 

Puig Campana Hike – Summing up

Hopefully, now you’re ready to visit Puig Campana, the second-highest hiking route in the province of Alicante. Remember to choose the route that is best for you and matches your physical abilities. Have a nice climb and stay safe! 🙂 

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat near Puig Campana?

Right next to the starting point you can find only one restaurant: 

Others are a little bit further, down in Finestrat. Here are some of them: 

Where to sleep in Puig Campana?

Puig Campana Nature Suites Hotel & BTT Finestrat Spain

Puig Campana Nature Suites Hotel & BTT

Puig Campana Nature Suites Hotel & BTT is an eco-friendly hotel located in Finestrat, Spain that offers a unique experience of staying in a suite with a view of the stunning Puig Campana mountain. The hotel also offers mountain bike rental and guided tours for guests to explore the natural surroundings.

Casa Rural Benidorm Finestrat El Capricho

Casa Rural Benidorm Finestrat El Capricho

Casa Rural Benidorm Finestrat El Capricho is a charming rural house located in the quiet countryside of Finestrat, just a short drive from the bustling town of Benidorm. With beautiful mountain views, a peaceful atmosphere and comfortable rooms, it's the perfect place to relax and enjoy a tranquil getaway.

Hotel Restaurante La Plantación Finestrat Spain

Hotel Restaurante La Plantacion

Hotel Restaurante La Plantacion in Finestrat, Spain is a luxurious hotel set amidst picturesque gardens with beautiful views of the sea and mountains. The hotel features a restaurant serving Mediterranean cuisine and a swimming pool for a refreshing dip on hot summer days.

Casa Figueretes in Finestrat Spain

Casa Figueretes

Casa Figueretes is a traditional village house with original wooden beams and rustic decor, offering a free Wi-Fi zone and air-conditioned rooms with bright décor and wonderful mountain views. Its cosy lounge includes a TV, board games and books. You can prepare light meals in the communal kitchen.

Accommodations photos source: booking.com

Puig Campana - Map of places

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