One Perfect Day In Altea, Spain. What To See?

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Are you wondering what one perfect day in Altea, Spain should look like? What places you can’t miss in this little charming white town? Wonder no more, we’re here to help you. Everything you need to know from Altea old town to the best beach and more.

Altea is a peaceful seaside town where it seems as if time has stopped. It is known as the Cúpula del Mediterráneo which refers to the blue dome of the town’s main church, which even from afar is an iconic image of the town. Also, the town seems to be a paradise for artists – here you can find numerous workshops, small art galleries, and craft shops with various handmade items.

Where is Altea in Spain?

It’s located in the heart of Costa Blanca in the Province of Alicante, in the Valencian Community, only about 20km from Benidorm and 60km from Alicante.

Is Altea worth visiting?

The answer can’t be any other than: of course, Altea is totally worth visiting. So far Altea is number two on our list of favorite places on Costa Blanca. Even though the weather was quite bad when we were visiting, we just fell for its charm. Whitewashed houses, narrow cobbled streets, and stunning beaches with calming sea views – Altea has it all. Although the town is quite small, there is plenty to see.

Vamos, let’s go for a walk and discover all the beautiful places in Altea.

One perfect day in Altea, Spain - what to see?
View over Altea old town & Church of Our Lady of Consolation from Playa la Roda

One Perfect Day In Altea, Spain. What To See?

Altea consists of two areas: the historic center and the seaside district. Let’s start with the historic center.

Altea Old Town

Altea Old Town, Casco Antiguo, should be number one on your list of things to see in the town. Take a stroll through the picturesque maze of narrow steep cobbled streets and whitewashed houses decorated with flowers. Here you can also enjoy many craft shops, art galleries, cafeterias, and restaurants. But don’t rush, take your time and explore this charming labyrinth.

What to see and do in Altea, Spain during one day?
What to see and do in Altea, Spain?
Altea Spain - Walk through Old Town Streets
Altea, Spain - Old Town Streets
Altea old town narrow streets with sea view
Narrow, cobbled old town streets in Altea Spain
What to do in Altea, Spain - Stroll around town streets
What to do during one perfect day in Altea, Spain

Church of Our Lady of Consolation

The Church of Our Lady of Consolation (es. Nuestra Señora del Consuelo) is located in the Plaza de la Iglesia, the heart of the Altea old town. The church is a beautiful architectural work of neo-baroque style built on the foundations of an ancient temple. It’s topped with a distinctive blue dome which can’t be missed as it’s visible from many places in town. You can visit it for free during opening hours.

Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Altea, Spain - Inside view
Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Altea, Spain
Plaza with Church of Our Lady of Consolation in Altea, Spain
Plaza de la Iglesia
Atea, Spain Complete Travel Guide for One Perfect Day
Church of Our Lady of Consolation, view from a nearby street

Altea Viewpoints

Since the Altea old town is located on a hill, there are many places with amazing views over the Mediterranean sea, Benidorm, Calpe, and Sierra Helada Natural Park. But these three viewpoints, in particular, deserve attention so be sure not to miss them:

  • Mirador de los Cronistas
  • El Mirador Blanco
  • Mirador Penyó d’Ifac
View from Mirador Penyó d'Ifac in Altea, Spain over Penon de Ifach mountain in Calpe
View from Mirador Penyó d’Ifac
View from Mirador de los Cronistas in Altea
View from Mirador de los Cronistas

Altea Promenade

After visiting the Altea old town, it’s time to go down to the seaside district. Let’s start with the promenade which offers spectacular views over the bay and pebbly beaches. The promenade starts at the port and runs for about 2km. Along with it, you can find a lot of restaurants, cafes, and bars and taste various cuisines.

While walking on a promenade (and old town too!) your eyes definitely won’t miss some *bold* (as some think so) sculptures. It’s work by Antoni Miró’s, called ‘From Sea to Sea’, composed of 26 large sculptures made out of large metal panels. Sculptures are inspired by images Mr. Miró found illustrated on ancient Greek pottery, and some of them are highly erotic.

Altea Sculptures created by Antoni Miró
Altea Sculptures created by Antoni Miró
Altea Sculptures created by Antoni Miró

Altea Best Beaches

Altea has many stunning, pebbly beaches to offer, along its 6km-long coastline. Each beach in Altea isn’t as crowded as those in Benidorm so here you can enjoy a quieter and more relaxed atmosphere. Most popular beaches are: Playa la Roda – Roda Beach (closest to the city center), Playa De Altea – Altea Beach, Playa del Albir – Albir Beach, and Playa de L’Espigó – L’Espigo Beach. Remember that Altea’s beaches are pebbly, so if you want to spend more time there consider taking sunbeds, and hard-soled flip-flops.

Best beaches in Altea, Spain - pebbly Playa la Roda with view over Penon de Ifach
Best beaches in Altea, Spain - pebbly Playa la Roda

Altea Festivals

We haven’t been to any of Altea festivals, but we’ll highlight which ones you should keep an eye on:

  • Altea Castell de l’Olla Fireworks – fireworks show that is held on the second Saturday in August every year.
  • Altea Moors and Christians – festival commemorates the battles which took place for the control of Spain during the period known as Reconquista. The festival takes place in September.
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Russian Orthodox Church

The Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel is located in the hills of Altea and is another interesting place to visit. The church is located outside the main roads, plus it’s slightly hidden behind trees so it can be overlooked very easily. This was the first Orthodox church built in Spain, and its structure, iconography, and goldwork reflect a 17th-century Russian Orthodox church. It’s a very spectacular piece of architecture. The church can be visited every morning and in the early evening on weekends.

Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Altea, Spain
Russian Orthodox Church of St. Michael the Archangel in Altea

El Jardín de los Sentidos

About this one, we found out too late so unfortunately, we haven’t been there – but you can go if you like spending time in nature, or just looking for a quiet place. El Jardín de los Sentidos, the garden of the senses, is located only 4km away from the town center, in a place away from bustling areas. It’s an exotic garden with plants from all over the world.

Opening hours & prices: check out HERE.

Note: Entrance is exclusively for people over 15 years old. Pets are not allowed.

Marina Greenwich

Marina Greenwich is located on the outskirts of Altea, just 5km from the old town, right next to the Playa Mascarat. Marina’s name comes from its unique position directly on the Greenwich meridian (000º 00 ’00’), which also makes it the only port in the world located at this point. Around you can find a few restaurants, where you can sit and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the bay.

How to get to Altea, Spain?

Altea is located about 10km from Calpe, 15km from Benidorm, 20km from Villajoyosa, and 60km from Alicante. The most convenient way to get to Altea is by car.

Where to park in Altea, Spain?

If you’re traveling by car don’t worry – there are many parking lots available in Altea. We left our car in this free parking lot, just a 5min walk from Plaza Iglesia, and 15min from Playa La Roda.

Airports near Altea, Spain

The closest airports to Altea are located in Alicante (70km away) and Valencia (150km away). Both airports offer direct bus connections with Altea. You can check them on website.

To Altea by tram

Altea also has a tram station and you can get there easily from other towns. For example, cities like Benidorm, Alicante, Calpe, or Villajoyosa offer fast and non-expensive options.

To Altea by bus

From many places you can very easily reach Altea by bus. Rides are fairly cheap. For example, for a trip from Benidorm you’ll pay €1-5, from Villajoyosa €4-6, and from Alicante €6-9. Time depends of course on the length of the traveling distance. Most routes are operated by ALSA bus service, so you can also check available routes on their website.

To Altea by taxi

The most expensive option, but also often the fastest one if you care about time. For example, for a trip from Benidorm you’ll pay €14-17, from Calpe €16-20, and from Alicante €85-110.

One Perfect Day In Altea, Spain – Summing up

Altea has something magical in it, hasn’t it? Narrow cobbled streets, whitewashed houses and stunning beaches with calming sea views come together perfectly. Now you know how to spend one perfect day in Altea so one thing left to say… Have a wonderful time there! I’m 99% sure you’ll love it!

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat in Altea, Spain?

Here are some nice, high-rated places in Altea to choose from:

Altea - Map of places

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