Finestrat – Hidden Gem On Costa Blanca

Finestrat is an enchanting small town in the province of Alicante and without a doubt is a hidden gem in the whole Costa Blanca in Spain. Its old town is located at the foot of Puig Campana, about 15km from Benidorm center. Town’s only beach, La Cala de Finestrat, and the surrounding area are squeezed between Villajoyosa and Benidorm, 8km from the Finestrat old town. Let’s discover things to do in Finestrat.

Chances are high that you’ve never heard of Finestrat. If it weren’t for the fact that we were renting a flat near La Cala and we passed the old town when we were going to Puig Campana, we would probably have missed it too. Unfortunately, we’ve never seen even a single mention of Finestrat in posts like “What to see near Benidorm/Alicante”. We have no idea why as it’s one of the best prepared old towns for visitors.

So Finestrat may not be as popular as other towns in Costa Blanca (yet), but don’t let it fool you and add this town to your list – you won’t regret it.

Things to do in Finestrat, hidden gem on Costa Blanca, Spain

Things To Do In Finestrat, Spain – Hidden Gem On Costa Blanca

Finestrat consist of three main parts:

  • Puig Campana mountain
  • Old town – located on a hill, at the foot of the Puig Campana
  • La Cala – Finestrat’s only beach, on the border with Benidorm city

So the whole town is located at altitudes from 0 to… 1406 m a.s.l. Impressive, right?

To discover Finestrat town at its best, follow a route signposted by the city council itself. This route allows you to visit the most beautiful and important places in the town. But don’t forget to also take a look at the other side streets, as there are plenty of things to discover.

Vamos, let’s go on a walk around the old town of Finestrat and see what it has to offer.

Finestrat Old Town

One of the best things to do in Finestrat is to visit its old town. Each corner of Finestrat Old Town is very charming and worth seeing. It was built on the foundations of what used to be an Arab castle.

Slowly wander across the town’s colorful, narrow streets, admire the surroundings and feel that you moved back in time. Also, make breaks at viewing points and admire extraordinary views over the coast and Puig Campana. It’s a true delight to wander around this town.

Finestrat Old Town - Flower Street
What to do in Finestrat, Spain?
Finestrat Old Town Building
Finestrat Old Town Building
Finestart - what to see and do?
Finestrat Old Town Colorful Buildings
Finestrat Old Town Colorful Buildings
Things to do in Finestrat, Spain
Things to do and see in Finestrat, Costa Blanca, Spain
Finestrat Old Town

Finestrat Castle

While wandering the streets sooner or later you will come across Finestrat Castle, or rather a beautiful garden park because there are no longer visible remains of the castle. In the park, you’ll find an auditorium, hermitage, and two stunning viewpoints – one over the Mediterranean Sea, and the second over Puig Campana mountain.

Hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo del Remedio

The Hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo del Remedio was built in 1925. During the Civil War it was damaged. However, nowadays you can admire it in its full glory thanks to the contributions made by the locals. Surroundings are also beautiful, amazing gardens, with unbeatable views of Puig Campana and the coast.

Finestrat Auditorium
Hermitage of the Santísimo Cristo del Remedio in Finestrat, Spain

The Church of Saint Bartholomew

The Church of Saint Bartholomew is an 18th-century baroque church located in the old town. The figure of the Finestrat patron, Saint Bartholomew, is kept inside. In addition, you can admire the building of the city hall right next to it.

The Church of Saint Bartholomew in Finestrat, Spain

Font del Molí

Font del Molí is a fountain located in the Finestrat suburbs. It was an important spring that supplied the town with drinking water for decades. It is also a place where all roads to Puig Campana start.

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Puig Campana

Puig Campana, with an altitude of 1406 meters, is the second-highest peak in the province of Alicante. You can read more about Puig Campana in a separate post HERE.

Finestrat Castle Puig Campana View

La Cala De Finestrat – La Cala Beach

Finestrat also has its own beach – La Cala de Finestrat which is often mistaken as a part of Benidorm. There are many hotels, restaurants, and bars there. It’s very touristy during the summer months. Near the beach, there are two places worth seeing, both located on small hills – Tossal de la Cala viewpoint & Aguiló Tower with great views over the coast and beaches!

Every Tuesday and Saturday you can also visit the market which takes place right beside the La Cala de Finestrat. The interesting thing is that the street officially belongs to the town of Villajoyosa.

Finestrat La Cala Beach
La Cala Beach in Finestrat, Spain

Other things to do in Finestrat, Spain

  • Participating in Fiestas Patronales in honor of Saint Bartholomew. Celebrations take place around August 24th
  • Playing golf. Finestrat has two golf courses: Real Faula and Golf Course Sierra Cortina

How To Get To Finestrat, Spain?

There are three options for getting into the Finestrat: by car, bus (line 014) or taxi. Ok, make it four because you can also take a long walk. Free town parking is available HERE.

Summing Up

Now you know all the things to do in Finestrat. As you can see, the town is definitely worth a visit. We can guarantee that you will be surprised by its beauty and you’ll start wondering “why isn’t it as popular as other towns in the area?”. We hope that one day Finestrat, this beautiful hidden gem on Costa Blanca, will be more popular.

Where To Eat In Finestrat?

Here are some nice, high-rated restaurants in Finestrat to choose from:

Old Town:

La Cala:

Finestrat - Map of places

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