10 Best Things To See And Do In Gibraltar

United Kingdom without much rain, in the sunshine almost all the time? Is this possible? Yes, it is! So if you fancy that combination you should definitely check out Gibraltar, a beautiful British overseas territory. Come, we’ll show you the best things to see and do in Gibraltar.

Gibraltar is a tiny British overseas territory, which covers an area of 6.8 km². It’s inhabited by about 34 thousand people. Gibraltarians are British citizens and they have their own red telephone boxes, Royal Mail letter boxes and of course, they eat fish & chips and enjoy a pint in the pub. They also have their own sterling currency, the Gibraltar pound. Worth noticing: British pounds can be spent here, but Gibraltar pounds can’t be used in the United Kingdom. One more very interesting fact is that Gibraltar does not charge VAT, so you can take advantage of this and buy stuff cheaper.

Best things to see and do in Gibraltar

Gibraltar guards the entrance to the Mediterranean Sea and overlooks one of the world’s busiest shipping lanes. Because of its strategic position, it was fought over for hundreds of years. In 1704 Gibraltar was captured from Spain by Anglo-Dutch forces during the War of Spanish Succession. The territory was given to Britain by Spain under the terms of the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713.

Nowadays Gibraltar is perfect for a one-day trip while staying somewhere in the lower part of Andalucia, like Tarifa. Many Britons are also visiting for a full holiday experience so probably that’s also an option worth considering. If you love the United Kingdom like we are, you’ll definitely appreciate this little slice of it, but in the sun. All right, but enough of the chit-chat, show me the things to see and do in Gibraltar already!

Best things to see and do in Gibraltar

Gibraltar airport

The first Gibraltar attraction is waiting right after the border control. Before you see the main part of the city you have to go through … the airport runway. If you wait a while or check the arrivals and departure times, you can watch planes from a very short distance, which is a very cool experience.

Interesting and a little bit scary fact: Gibraltar airport has been voted one of the world’s scariest airports to land due to the steep bank pilots have to make and the very short runway!

What to see in Gibraltar -Gibraltar  Airport

Casemates Square

Only about a 15-minute walk from the Gibraltar airport, you’ll find Casemates Square, the largest public space in the old city. There you’ll find many restaurants, bars, cafes, and traditional British pubs.

Interesting facts: Casemates Square hosted public executions until 1864, and some of the buildings around the square stored ammunition.

Best Things To See And Do In Gibraltar - visit Casemates Square

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Best things to see and do in Gibraltar streets

When you leave Casemates Square you’ll start to wander around beautiful Gibraltar streets. You can’t miss exploring the two liveliest streets: Main Street and Irish Town where many stores, restaurants, bars, and pubs can be found. Also, don’t forget to take a look at the adorable side alleys.

Tip! Where to find the best red phone booths for amazing photos? HERE (right next to Casemates Square ) & HERE (near the cable car).

Pubs and colorful houses in Gibraltar Old Town
Colorful houses in Gibraltar Old Town
Empty Gibraltar old town streets in the morning
What to do in Gibraltar UK? Eat fish and chips
Gibraltar Old Town Street
British Royal Mail letter box in Gibraltar, UK
British red telephone boxes in Gibraltar old town
Take a photo in British red telephone boxes in Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Europa Point

Europa Point is Gibraltar’s southernmost point and is one of the things to see and do in Gibraltar that you cannot miss. Breathtaking views over the Strait of Gibraltar and the African coast, which is just 14km away, are guaranteed. Here you’ll find Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque, Shrine of Our Lady of Europe Catholic church, 19th-century lighthouse, restored 1878 Harding’s Battery, and a monument to former Polish general Władysław Sikorski, who died in a plane crash near Gibraltar airport during WWII.

Monument to Polish general Władysław Sikorski in Gibraltar Europa Point
19th-century lighthouse in Europa Point, Gibraltar
Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque in Gibraltar

To get to Europa Point we took a long walk along a medium known road, but with very rewarding views. Somewhere near the cable car, we turned towards the port and were walking near the shore, looking at the ocean. We passed places like 100 Ton Gun Napier of Magdala Battery, Parson’s Lodge, Juan Carlos Perez Promenade, beautiful Gibraltar waterfall, and finally, we reached Keightley Way Tunnel, which took us straight to Europa Point. To go back to the center we chose Europa Road, which also guaranteed us beautiful views, but this time from the higher points. Here’s the map and a few photos:

Best things to do and see in Gibraltar - Going to Europa Point
Views from road to Europa Point - Gibraltar's southernmost point
Gibraltar Waterfall on a way to Europa Point - Gibraltar's southernmost point
Keightley Way Tunnel in Gibraltar
Views over port from road to Europa Point - Gibraltar's southernmost point
Walking routes to Europa Point, Gibraltar
Both routes can be easily traveled on foot (although Google says that the one on the left can only be traveled by car)

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque is the southernmost mosque in mainland Europe and one of the largest mosques in a non-Muslim country. This whitewashed mosque was built between 1995 and 1997, for all the Moroccans working in Gibraltar. It was paid for by the late King Fahad Abdul Aziz of Saudi Arabia. It’s a really beautiful example of Muslim architecture, isn’t it?

Ibrahim-al-Ibrahim Mosque in Europa Point in Gibraltar

Things To See And Do In Gibraltar – Upper Rock Nature Reserve

Upper Rock Nature Reserve is another great place that is among the best things to see and do in Gibraltar. It is also called Gibraltar Nature Reserve and is located on The Rock of Gibraltar (426m). It was established in 1993 to protect an area no longer used by the military. Its main purpose is to provide a habitat for wild animals and many bird species that stopover in the area while migrating between Africa and Europe. Reserve offers amazing views over Gibraltar, the Spanish coast, and Africa.

You can reach the top by cable car, by taxi tour from the center, or by foot. A cable car trip takes six minutes and costs £18 (November 2022). Another £13 has to be paid for entering the Upper Rock Nature Reserve (£8 for children). Price includes:

  • Apes’ Den

Barbary macaques are definitely the main attraction here. These monkeys are native to Morocco and are the only monkeys living wild anywhere in Europe. Legend has it that if the apes ever leave Gibraltar, so will the British. Watch your belongings as they like stealing things.

  • WWII Tunnels

The total length of the entire WWII tunnel network is approximately 55km. Their main purpose was to house a 16,000-strong garrison along with enough food to last them for 16 months. One could say that there was a whole underground city there – with a telephone exchange, power generating station, bakery, hospital, water distillation plant, ammunition magazines and a vehicle maintenance workshop.

  • The Great Siege Tunnels

The Great Siege Tunnels is perhaps the most impressive defense system invented by man. It’s a series of tunnels inside the northern end of the Rock of Gibraltar, which was dug out from the solid limestone by the British during the Great Siege of Gibraltar of the late 18th century.

  • The Moorish Castle

Remains of Gibraltar’s Moorish fortress which was built in the 8th century and rebuilt in the 14th century after it was nearly destroyed when the Spanish re-conquered Gibraltar. The Tower of Homage is clearly visible to all visitors to Gibraltar due to its dominant and strategic position. It’s worth noting that the courtyard of the Moorish Castle served as a prison up until 2010.

Moorish Castle in Gibraltar
Cable car to Upper Rock Nature Reserve in Gibraltar
  • St Michael’s Cave

St. Michael’s Cave lies at least 274 meters above sea level and is full of chambers and tunnels filled with stalactites and stalagmites. It was once believed that it ran under the Strait of Gibraltar, all the way to Africa. Cave was used for defensive purposes by the Moors and Spaniards, and during WWII it was prepared as an emergency hospital ( but never used). Nowadays St. Michael’s Cave houses a 600-seat auditorium, perfect for concerts.

  • Windsor Suspension Bridge

Great place for those seeking adrenaline, and definitely not for the faint-hearted. Opened in 2016, Windsor Suspension Bridge is one of the newest additions in the reserve. It’s 71 meters long, and is hanging 50m above the ground.

  • Skywalk

Another attraction not for the faint-hearted. Skywalk is a glass platform located 340 meters above sea level and offers unforgettable views over Gibraltar, Spain and Morocco. Fun facts: it was opened in 2018 by Star Wars actor Mark Hamill (Luke Skywalker) and it can carry the weight of 5 elephants (or 340 people, standing on it at the same time).

  • O’Hara’s Battery

O’Hara’s Battery is located at the highest point of the Rock of Gibraltar. It was constructed in 1890, used during WWII and last fired in 1976, during training exercises.

There are also a few more attractions included in the price (like City Under Siege exhibition, Military Heritage Center or Jew’s Gate and Jew’s Gate Cemetery) but those listed above are the most popular.

Trafalgar Cemetery

Although it’s named for the Battle of Trafalgar only two victims of this battle are buried there. Most tombstones belong to those who were killed in other sea battles and to the casualties of the yellow fever epidemics that hit Gibraltar between 1804-1814. Trafalgar Cemetery is located near the cable car ticket office.

Trafalgar Cemetery in Gibraltar, United Kingdom
Trafalgar Cemetery in Gibraltar, United Kingdom
Trafalgar Cemetery in Gibraltar, United Kingdom

Cathedral St Mary the Crowned

Cathedral St Mary the Crowned is located on Main Street. It was built on the site of a former mosque in 1462. Cathedral can be visited for free during opening hours (Mon-Fri: 7-19; Sat-Sun 8:30-19)

Cathedral St Mary the Crowned in Gibraltar Old Town

Other things to see and do in Gibraltar

  • Gibraltar museum

Gibraltar museum is home to a wide array of unique collections and items portraying Gibraltar’s history and culture. Entry cost: adults £5, children £2.5.

  • Gibraltar Botanic Gardens

Gibraltar Botanic Gardens was commissioned by the British Governor of Gibraltar in 1816 to provide a green space for soldiers to enjoy. They span around 6 hectares and offer many beautiful paths among nature. Gibraltar Botanic Gardens is located near the lower cable car station and is open from 08-21.

  • Eat fish & chips and drink a pint in a traditional pub
  • Go to the Morrisons supermarket and buy tasty souvenirs, especially British teas, beers & some sweets from Cadbury Dairy Milk or Galaxy. If you’re traveling from Spain and are a tea lover, like we are, you know that Spain has a very poor tea selection so Gibraltar is the perfect place to stock up.
Things to do in Gibraltar - visit traditional British pub
Best things to do in Gibraltar - Eat fish & chips
What to do in Gibraltar? Drink a pint of British beer
What to bring from Gibraltar? Delicious teas
Souvenirs from Gibraltar - delicious teas
Souvenirs from Gibraltar - delicious British beers

How to get to Gibraltar?

Gibraltar is accessible by land from Spain and via sea and air. To enter you’ll need to have a valid passport. HERE you can find all the necessary information prepared by Visit Gibraltar.

We traveled by car and left our car in Spain, right next to the border (in that parking lot), and crossed it on foot. The land frontier is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is no charge to enter Gibraltar this way.

We don’t recommend crossing the border by car as really long queues form and you may spend unnecessary hours in it.

Gibraltar Country border

Things to see and do in Gibraltar – Summing up

Uff, that’s all the best things to see and do in Gibraltar. Day in Gibraltar without a doubt will be very eventful! Reserve a full day, explore slowly and soak up this beautiful result of the sun + United Kingdom equation.

Things you need to remember about Gibraltar

  • You need to have a valid passport to cross the border
  • Used currency: pounds
  • Gibraltar does not charge VAT

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat in Gibraltar?

We are sure you’re hungry after a whole day of sightseeing in Gibraltar. As mentioned before we think you just have to eat amazing fish & chips in a traditional British pub. We ate at Lord Nelson and highly recommend it. More propositions:

Where to sleep in Gibraltar?

Rock Hotel in Gibraltar

Rock Hotel

Rock Hotel is a luxurious property located in the heart of Gibraltar, featuring stunning views of the Bay and Strait of Gibraltar. The hotel has an elegant British colonial design with modern amenities, including an outdoor pool, restaurant, and bar. Guests can enjoy the hotel's proximity to Gibraltar's famous landmarks, shopping areas, and lively nightlife.

Bristol Hotel Gibraltar

Bristol Hotel

The Bristol Hotel is a boutique-style hotel situated in the heart of Gibraltar, offering its guests an elegant and comfortable stay. Its location provides easy access to popular tourist attractions such as Main Street and the cable car to the Upper Rock. The hotel features spacious and modern rooms, a restaurant, a bar, and a rooftop pool with stunning views of the Mediterranean and Gibraltar.

Engineer Guest House in Gibraltar

Engineer Guest House

The Engineer Guest House in Gibraltar offers comfortable accommodation with friendly staff and a great location close to the city center and attractions. The rooms are spacious and well-maintained, and guests can enjoy a continental breakfast each morning. Overall, it's a great choice for budget travelers looking for a convenient base in Gibraltar.

Sunborn Gibraltar Hotel

Sunborn Gibraltar

Sunborn Gibraltar is a luxurious floating hotel that offers stunning views of the sea and the Rock of Gibraltar. The hotel features elegant rooms and suites with modern amenities, as well as a casino, spa, and fitness center. Guests can enjoy delicious cuisine at the hotel's restaurants and bars.

The Eliott Hotel Gibraltar

O’Callaghan Eliott Hotel

The O'Callaghan Eliott Hotel is a luxurious 4-star hotel located in the heart of Gibraltar, overlooking the Bay of Gibraltar and within walking distance to the city's attractions. The hotel features 123 elegantly appointed rooms and suites, many of which offer stunning views of the Rock of Gibraltar and the Mediterranean Sea. Amenities include a rooftop pool, fitness center, bar, and restaurant serving local and international cuisine.

Gibraltar - Map of places

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