15+ Things To Do In Benidorm, Spain. Complete Travel Guide

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If you’re looking for a great place for typical holidays, great nightlife, and a lot of attractions, Benidorm in Spain will be perfect for you. For digital nomads looking for a place somewhere in the province of Alicante, it will also be a great choice. No matter who you are, if you are searching for things to do in Benidorm, you are in a great place!

Where is Benidorm located? 

Benidorm is located in the province of Alicante in the Valencian community in Spain. It lies on the southeastern coast of Spain named Costa Blanca. 

What is Benidorm known for?

Benidorm is one of the most popular holiday resorts in Spain, and without a doubt is totally different from most cities in this country. Why? Well, if someone would place you there and ask where you are, you’d say something like Manhattan, or Dubai. And you wouldn’t be far away from the truth, as Benidorm is called “the Manhattan of Spain“.

Really interesting is the fact that in the 1950s Benidorm was still a small fishing village. Since then, hundreds of skyscrapers have been built along the coast. Most of them are hotels and apartments with sea views. Among them is one of the tallest residential buildings in Europe, Intempo, with a height of 192 meters.

Is Benidorm worth visiting?

In our opinion – yes. If only by the fact that it’s completely different than other towns on Costa Blanca. But besides the unique look with many skyscrapers, the town has a lot to offer: beautiful beaches, mountain views, vivid nightlife, and lots of various attractions both for adults & kids.

Things to do in Benidorm, Spain. Complete Travel Guide
View over part of Benidorm. In the middle, you can see the Intempo building.

Things To Do In Benidorm, Spain. Complete travel guide.

Benidorm’s Beaches

Sunbathing on one of the beaches is a must of all the things to do in Benidorm. Fortunately, there are plenty to choose from so everyone will find something interesting.

Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente are two main beaches in Benidorm, divided by the port and the Mediterranean Balcony in the middle.

Levante Beach is the largest beach in Benidorm, right next to the most touristic and partying part of town. It’s about 2km long, filled with many bars, restaurants, cafeterias, and beach clubs. Most of Benidorm’s hotels are located around Playa de Levante.

Poniente Beach is the second largest beach in Benidorm. It’s definitely less crowded, as it’s located in a quieter part of the city. For this reason, it’s particularly popular with older people. Along it, there’s a good selection of restaurants and cafeterias.

Benidorm best beaches - Playa de Poniente with a view over Tossal de la Cala
Playa de Poniente with a view over Tossal de la Cala (rock on the left)

There are also other, smaller beaches around to explore, such as the beautiful Playa de Finestrat. This one is located about 3km from the city center and it’s not as busy as the previous two. From this beach, you can also hike up to the Torre d’Aguiló (which we already mentioned in a post about Villajoyosa) and admire spectacular views over the coastline.

Cala Tí Ximo Beach is also worth mentioning. It’s a small, 60m-long beach, located not far from Playa de Levante. Beach is walled by cliffs, which gives it an interesting vibe. Cala Tí Ximo is a popular place for snorkeling. You can get there on foot, or by car.

Mediterranean Balcony & Placa del Castell

In our opinion, the Mediterranean Balcony is the most beautiful place in the whole of Benidorm. It’s a snow-white viewing platform between Playa de Levante and Playa de Poniente. The mix of blue sea and white facade gives a captivating effect. The Mediterranean Balcony offers spectacular views of the bay and the town’s skyline. You can’t miss this place, believe me. It should be your no. 1 on your list of things to do in Benidorm.

To get to the Mediterranean Balcony you have to walk through the Placa del Castell, a place where Benidorm Castle once stood. Currently, it’s a place filled with musicians and various sellers.

Placa del Castell before Mediterranean Balcony in Benidorm, Spain
Placa del Castell
Things to do in Benidorm, Spain  - see Mediterranean Balcony
Mediterranean Balcony

Benidorm Old Town

There are plenty of things to do in Benidorm Old Town. It’s located right next to the Mediterranean Balcony. It’s the complete opposite of the modern part of the city – here you’ll find small streets filled with cafeterias, restaurants, and boutique hotels. While there, don’t forget to visit Tapas Alley, on Calle Santo Domingo, and try classic Spanish dishes like patatas bravas or gambas al pil pil.

Tossal de la Cala

Tossal de la Cala is a very spectacular viewpoint located on a big rock, between Playa de Poniente and Playa de Finestrat. It offers spectacular views over the Mediterranean Sea, Benidorm, and Puig Campana. We recommend going there to watch a sunset, or sunrise if you’re an early bird.

View over Benidorm from Tossal de la Cala
Things to do in Benidorm, Spain - Visit Tossal de la Cala

The Cross of Benidorm

Another viewpoint worth visiting that should be on your list of things to do in Benidorm. The Cross is located on a hill above the city, on the edge of the Sierra Helada Natural Park. On the top, you’ll find a huge metal cross, and great views – you can look over the entire Benidorm, sandy beaches, mountains and sea. You can stretch your legs and get there by foot, or by car (but only part of the route, because the rest has recently been closed for unauthorized vehicles by the city authorities).

The Cross of Benidorm
Views over Benidorm, Manhattan of Spain, from The Cross of Benidorm

History Of The Cross

There is an interesting story about the cross. The original cross, a wooden one, was carried to the top in 1961 as a protest at the newly permitted bikinis on Benidorm’s beaches. You know, in the 1950s wearing a bikini was considered shocking, and back then Benidorm was just beginning to transform from a little fishing village to the tourist paradise it is today.

Women, supposedly mostly shameless foreigners, started wearing bikinis and one particular bishop wasn’t happy at all about that fact. He threatened to put a sign in front of the city with the words “El Infierno” (meaning hell), informing that *naughty* mayor (who agreed to all of this, because he thought it was good for city development and tourism) and the townspeople would go to Hell for allowing to wear “robes of sin”.

He didn’t do it in the end, but about two years later, people carried a huge wooden cross from the Church of San Jaime to a high point, so it could overlook the sinful city. This gesture by some of the locals was intended to show that they were still religious, as opposed to the sinful tourists who showed too much body in public. Today you can see a large metal cross, which was erected in 1975 and was made of fragments of old railway tracks.

Benidorm Wooden Cross
Photo source: benidormseriously.com

Sierra Helada Natural Park

If you are up for a walk in nature, Sierra Helada Natural Park is a perfect place to do that, so don’t forget to add it to your list of things to do in Benidorm. From the entrance, up to the lighthouse, you can enjoy beautiful landscapes. High cliffs, mountains, and Mediterranean Sea views, coastline – it’s all here. The path is very easy and well maintained so almost everyone will be able to enjoy this route.

Sierra Helada Natural Park in Benidorm, Spain
What to see in Benidorm, Spain? Sierra Helada Natural Park
Sierra Helada Natural Park Benidorm

Parque de La Aiguera

Located near the old city center, Parque de La Aigüera is called the lung of the city, or the green oasis in the heart of the city. To be honest we have no idea why. To us, it doesn’t look at all like a park which we would describe as the “lungs of the city”. Although it’s still a nice place to take a walk, have a picnic, sit and relax with a book or exercise. Here you’ll also find a Roman-style auditorium and bullring (unfortunately closed).

Parque de La Aigüera in Benidorm, Spain
Parque de La Aiguera in Benidorm

Benidorm Island

Benidorm Island is a small piece of land “drifting” on the sea, which just can’t be missed from any of Benidorm’s beaches. Visiting an island can be a great option for a one-day trip among other things to do in Benidorm. To get there you need to take a boat from a port. When you arrive you can explore Benidorm Island Trail – it takes only around 10-15 minutes to reach the top. From viewpoint, you can admire spectacular views over the coastline. Bring food for a picnic, a bathing suit, snorkel gear, and enjoy your day away from a bustling city.

There’s an interesting legend behind Benidorm Island. I wrote about it in a Puig Campana post – check it out.

Places to see near Benidorm - Benidorm Island

Benidorm Nightlife

Benidorm is famous for its extensive nightlife. Especially in the Levante Beach area where there are many clubs and cocktail bars to choose from. In the high season people party up to the early morning hours. If you like going out in the evening and the nightlife is your jam, Benidorm will be a great place for you.

What to do in Benidorm - Enjoy Benidorm Vivid Nightlife
Experience Benidorm nightlife
Experience Benidorm nightlife
Things to do in Benidorm? Experience Benidorm nightlife

Benidorm Palace

Another option for nightlife lovers is Benidorm Palace as it offers a fantastic show (supposedly, because we haven’t seen it) full of colors, dancing, and singing. The show takes place every weekend. You can purchase tickets only for a show, or with dinner options. You can read more about the show and ticket prices HERE.

Fiestas Mayores Patronales de Benidorm

Las Fiestas Mayores Patronales is an annual festival which celebrates Benidorm´s patron saints: Virgen del Sufragio and San Jaime Apostle. The fiesta lasts for six days and always begins on the second weekend of November. If you will be in the Benidorm at this time it’s worth taking a look at this yet another nightlife experience. Especially on the last day when a colorful parade takes place which ends up with fireworks.

Fiestas Mayores Patronales de Benidorm
Fiestas Mayores Patronales de Benidorm
Things to do in Benidorm? Experience Fiestas Mayores Patronales de Benidorm
Fiestas Mayores Patronales de Benidorm - Fireworks Show

Amusement parks

Benidorm is also famous for its amusement parks. Everyone will find something exciting for themselves. Here is what you can choose from:

How to get to Benidorm, Spain?

Benidorm is located about 25km from Calpe, 10km from Altea, 45km from Alicante, and 500km from Barcelona. The city is well situated along the Mediterranean coast, linked by the AP7 highway. Traveling by car, or bus from another coastal city is the most convenient option. There’s also a train connection from Alicante.

Where to park in Benidorm?

There are many paid parking lots around. If you want to leave your car somewhere for free, look outside the yellow area on Google Maps. We can recommend this street near Levante Beach, we never had a problem parking there.

Airports near Benidorm, Spain

The nearest airports to Benidorm are in Alicante (60 km away) and in Valencia (150km away). From both airports, you can get to the city by rented car or bus. From Alicante Airport you can also take a taxi.  

To Benidorm by bus 

You can also quite easily get to Benidorm by bus. For example, the journey from Alicante will take about 1h (€5-8), from Valencia the journey takes about 1h45min (€9-17) and only 25min from Villajoyosa (€1-4). To learn more about bus connections that interest you visit rome2rio.com website.

To Benidorm by train

From Alicante, you can get to Benidorm by tram. The trip will take about 1h10min and will cost you only €3-6. 

To Benidorm by taxi

You can get to Benidorm by taxi, but it will be the most expensive choice. For example, a trip from Alicante Airport will cost about €90-120, from Calpe €30-40, and from Villajoyosa €16-20.

Best Things To Do In Benidorm, Spain – Summing up

Uf, that’s a lot! But now you are armed with a complete guide of things to do in Benidorm, Spain. One thing is sure: you’ll definitely not be bored in this little Manhattan of Spain.

One more thing: we heard that it’s one of those cities that you’ll either love or hate. As for us: we are not huge fans. Fortunately, we didn’t live near the city center but at the other end of the city, closer to Villajoyosa. For us, the main promenade and city center were too loud, too crowded. We were there in October & November (so after the high season!) and we were really surprised by the number of tourists. It looks like the Benidorm is great to party all year round and the nightlife never ends! We can’t even imagine what it looks like in the months like July or August. But as we mentioned at the beginning, Benidorm is a really good base if you’re a digital nomad and want to stay in one place for a while and slowly explore the surrounding area.

Things To Do In Benidorm, Spain. Complete Travel Guide

Restaurants, accommodations, and map

Check out various recommended places below.

Where to eat in Benidorm, Spain?

In Benidorm, you’ll find a wide variety of cuisine – from typical Spanish dishes to kitchens from different parts of the world. Here are the lists of places where you can eat something delicious, divided by the proximity of the most popular beaches:

Where to sleep in Benidorm, Spain?

There is a really wide range of accommodations in Benidorm, so you’ll definitely find something perfect for your needs. Look for a perfect one for you on Booking or Airbnb.

Benidorm, Spain - Map of places

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